Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Dallas Farmer's Market

It's been a busy summer. Busy in wonderful ways - weddings, showers, shows, movies, trips/visitors... Lots of good things. Unfortunately, some lingering sickness also, which I am thrilled to say we are pretty much all recovered from. No more green snot in this nose!

We celebrated our first weekend activity free by enjoying some of our favorite spots around town!

First stop, the Dallas Farmer's Market

I love going to the farmer's market. Everything is so beautiful. It's inspiring on so many levels. Just to see God's creation - I mean really, is there anything prettier than fresh corn and peppers? The colors!!! I love it. Of course, it inspires me to cook. It also inspires me to do what I am passionate about.

When we got there at 11, I was starving, so we started out with lunch. I checked out La Popular Tamale House. Today's special was pork tacos. You can't tell by my blurry picture, but it was delicious! The rice was maybe the best Spanish rice I've ever had. And you may not believe this about me, but I've had a lot of Spanish rice in my life.

We scored some fresh peaches, strawberries, kiwis, oranges and a mango. I just realized we didn't get any veggies! We were looking for brussel sprouts, squash and onions, but we didn't see a deal that we thought was better than our local grocery store. It wasn't a huge haul, but we will be back before long.

After the farmer's market we stopped for an Orange Julius, Brett's favorite summer refresher, and then headed to DFW Vintage Toys. We heard you could scoop some awesome Transformers there (do you remember my Bot Con post?) so we wanted to see what we could find for the collection. It was a great trip! We brought home three Cybertronians and they are happily chillin' on the shelf.

Before heading home, we stopped for a "happy birthday/house" gift for my sister whose new house we are going to check out after church tomorrow. I can't wait to see it!

It was a great day of MUCH needed quality time with the hubs.

I'm off to watch the totally inappropriate, yet hard to stay away from if you're an old choir geek like me, Pitch Perfect.

P.S. I have done a lot of serious daydreaming/goal setting lately. I hope to share some of that with you soon.


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