Friday, June 21, 2013

The (sort of) Big Red Barn

I did something today that I have never done before. I took a day trip with my parents.

Obviously, I've spent days in the car with my parents before. I've even had days with just me and my mom or me and my dad. But I've never been on a trip that the three of us said "hey, we should do this" and we went. It was such a great day. We are good travel partners. All really low key. We like to have a general plan and then go with the flow and see how the day unfolds.

Today's trip was inspired by our mutual love of The Junk Gypsies. I can't say enough about how these two sisters have inspired me and how thankful I am for discovering this show. I love it. I highly recommend it.

Today we went here. It was just okay. Not that big. And we didn't find anything there. But the fun part was all of our stops before and after. The towns of Round Top and Carmine have more antique stores than they do restaurants. By far. We saw some funky, some fancy, some funny and a few keepers.

I enjoyed all of the sites today, but I enjoyed watching my parents interact more than anything. When I was a kid, I cringed when they held hands. Why is affection between parents so icky to kids? Now, every time that my dad lifted my mom's hand to kiss it, it made my heart happy.

I also enjoyed listening to them joke together. For instance, my mom reading a sign along the road.
Mom: Cow bayou.
Dad: By us?
Mom: Not me!

And again later,
Mom: No engine breaks. What does that mean?
Dad: If your engine breaks...
Mom: You can't be here!

My mom trying to read the tiny print on the Google Map directions they printed out.
Mom: 34 minutes. That says minutes. How weird. Oh! It says miles.

And then when we were 8 miles from the end of our Google Map directions my dad says:
Dad: I sure hope we're going to the right place.
Mom: Fine time to hope! What do you mean you hope we're going to the right place?
Dad: (chuckling) As opposed to not caring.

My biggest chuckle of the day, however, came from early on in our trip. We were still in the Dallas area and my mom had a question about the built in GPS that we have in Brett's car. My mom prefaces it by saying, "Kimmy, when you use the directions in your car, what's it called?" And my dad, with a knowing nod, "Navigator. Navigator." And me, "GPS".

Navigator. Oh dad. My  mom's question was "can you listen to the radio"? Isn't she cute =-)

Here are a few pictures from our adventure:

This first is the scariest food I have ever seen at a convenient store. Seriously. Who eats that?!? If you can't tell, there are three shrimp in there!

The second is a sign that my mom and I got a good giggle out of.

The third is a diner in Ledbetter, Texas that a woman recommended to us. We can attest to her opinion that the burgers are good, but not to the quality of their sweet potato fries, because the owner forgot to order them.

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