Saturday, May 18, 2013

Well That Was... Different

This week did not go like I expected it would. Not that I had any major plans... my big thing this week was going back to water aerobics, which I did. Both days, and both days were good workouts. There was another family from the school there on Thursday, but I didn't see them until they were leaving, and I was still in the pool. So if they saw me, I didn't know it, and that's fine as long as I don't think about it too much.

But the last five minutes of water aerobics, my stomach started feeling bad. We were in the middle of an ab workout, so I thought "yah, it's working"! But the feeling did not go away when I got home. I really just thought it was sore muscles from a workout. Even when I threw up at 9:45, I thought I just shouldn't have made myself eat soup when I got home. But I realized something more was going on when the chills started sometime in the 11:00 hour. After that I made 7 trips to the bathroom throughout the night. At 6:30, when Brett got up, he found the thermometer for me and my temp was 101.1. I took medicine all day, but never could get my fever under 100. But I woke up feeling MUCH better today! Not quite 100 percent, but I bet I will feel better once I clean up a little and get out of the house.

Yesterday was the second time that I had to call in sick in the three years I have worked at the school. I HATE calling in! And I can't believe I had to call in yesterday! It meant leaving our school administrator, who has been working sick all week, all alone, because the owners were on the 5th grade retreat. Work has been CRAZY this week! We have officially hit tour season. We get calls asking for information about the school year round, and we we give tours year round as well, but from the months of May-August, it feels nonstop. We give tours daily and the phone never stops ringing. Obviously, that's a good thing, but it's hard to get anything done. And this week, I was doing the bulk of the tours and phone calls because poor Michelle could barely speak. So I am behind at work, which I hate. I should probably go work a little today... something to think about.

So I did pretty good with Weight Watchers this week, and with the stomach bug on top of my efforts, I had a good loss. Hows that for a silver lining? (I watched Silver Linings Playbook while I was in bed yesterday - and all of the special features =-) There is a section, when you do your weekly weigh in online, where you can write notes. I always do this if there is something in my week that obviously explains my gain or loss. Last week I made note of Teacher Appreciation Week and my birthday - I had a three pound gain. This week I noted the stomach bug because I had a five pound loss. That loss wasn't all from my 36 hours of bathroom duty, but I'm sure part of it was.

On a different note, I am having one of those days where I am feeling overwhelmed by my calendar. I know it is very full, but I can't off of the top of my head, tell you exactly how so. I have A LOT of big events coming up, and I need to get them all in my head so I don't miss something important. I also need to find a dress for my sister's wedding, which is 4 weeks from today. Oh my goodness!!!

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