Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Can't Believe I'm Saying This...

I think I may be rekindling my relationship with Walmart.

I don't know if this is true for all college students, but for students at Ouachita Baptist University, my alma mater, Walmart is your best friend. This is largely due to the fact that in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, there just aren't (or weren't "in my day") a ton of stores. Certainly no Target. I wonder if there is a Target now! I shiver at the thought!

My posse and I made daily trips to Walmart. I'm not kidding. Daily. For food. For cheap movies. For clothes. For fun. And it was a great. We were never disappointed when we discovered a trip to Walmart was necessary. Not like now, when I cringe at the thought.

It happened slowly. After college, I was still perfectly happy to visit Walmart for my shopping needs. It was no longer my go to on wardrobe fillers, but for groceries? Sure! When I came back to my hometown, after 4 great years at college, there was a whole new Walmart to be explored. Much nicer than the one that I grew up going to. Brett and I jokingly call the old Walmart in our town "Death Mart". It's not a place that you feel safe going to alone. And the aisles are so crowded. And it's old enough that, even at it's cleanest, it just feels dirty. And why are there 40 registers and 2 checkers? The lines are RIDICULOUS!

Okay, sorry. Done ranting.

So my life now is the opposite of my college days. Back then, I would find any excuse to go to Walmart, and now I will take great lengths to avoid it.

Until recently...

Here is the thing. Walmart really makes an effort to be fashion forward. They probably always have. You can't argue that the quality is not what you would find elsewhere, but for $9.87, I will buy a shirt that I will get to wear 25 times if it looks cute on me. I proved that fact today!

Not many people I know have a problem with wearing clothes from Target. They are known for cute clothes, am I right? And as a plus size shopper, Target has always been one of the few stores that I could go to to find affordable cute clothing. But over the last two years, Target has been slowly shrinking their plus size selection. These days, when I go into a Target, I have to search for the farthest dark corner of the store to find the plus size clothing, and when I find it, there are 3 wracks of clothes. Maybe 4. If I find something there, I'm thankful for it. Like they did me a favor.

Walmart is the total opposite experience. The plus size section is huge, and it's in the middle of all of the other sections, not in a corner, like I should be hiding from the other shoppers. When I went on my day off last month, I went looking for a few things for Brett. I came home with a few things for Brett, but just as many for me. 2 dresses that are 2 of the cutest things in my closet right now.

I went today looking for a swimsuit. I currently have a 2 piece, because that is the only thing you can find at most stores. Or at least, that is what I have found. It covers as much as a one piece would, but it doesn't stay in place during water aerobics. I have had some serious wardrobe malfunctions. None that others could see, as they all took place under water, but enough was enough. A girl in class told me to check Walmart.

She was right. I found a swimsuit on sale for $25. At Lane Bryant today, they were $125. Need I say more?

My days of being a Walmart shopper may be rekindling. Slowly. And on rare occasions. But I feel like I've found an old friend. Thanks Walmart!

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