Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Have An Announcement to Make

No, I'm not pregnant.

I went back to water aerobics tonight!

I stopped going in November. I was looking for ways to save some extra holiday money in November and December and thought that I could quit WW online and water aerobics and keep up with healthy habits.

I'm an idiot.

I thought I would rejoin them both in January. I rejoined WW 7 or so weeks ago and tonight was my first night back at water aerobics. I hope that this year - my 32 - is full of 52 weeks where I am physically active. I went to water aerobics tonight and am going back on Thursday, so week one: check!

I was nervous driving there. The other reason that I let myself stop going to water aerobics is because I was enjoying it less because of a new teacher. I was worried about who the instructor would be all day today. Well guess what? It was the same lady, but she was different tonight. In September, she came back to teaching after a leave of absence. Well, maybe those last two months that I was there, her first two months back, she was trying to prove that she still had what it took. I don't know. But for whatever reason, she was a little more chill tonight, and it was a much better experience!

I also immediately saw someone that I knew when I walked in. Well, I don't know her exactly, but she was the first to introduce herself to me and Laura when we first started coming last summer and she was always friendly. So I told her hello and we chatted for a minute or two. I told her I was nervous and she was very kind.

The awkwardness came tonight when we were waiting for the synchronized swimmers to finish up and move to the other end of the pool so we could get in the pool. I was standing behind a counter, so thankfully, I was mostly hidden. I looked up, and in walked a family from our school. Mom, dad and 5th grade son. And suddenly I felt completely naked. If I thought no one would notice, I would have ducked behind the counter.

They passed me without seeing me (phew) and I got into the pool as quickly as I could. Minutes later, in walked family number two from our school. Oh my goodness! It was a challenge. But I remained calm and water jogged on.

Leaving, I had to say hello to dad #1. He was in my direct path. But I was MUCH more covered, so it was okay. I still felt stupid. My hair was ridiculous and I had an awkwardly placed towel around my shoulders because I forgot a cardigan to go with my little sun dress that I use as my swim cover. But I asked him if his son was taking swim lessons, and he told me that they were just there testing for Boy Scouts. I pretended I knew what that meant and breathed a sigh of relief - it should be just me and 70 strangers from here on out.

I'm so glad that I went back. I'm so glad that I'm still craving healthy food and wanting to eat healthier. One day at a time.

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Marie said...

Super duper proud of you! Meeting people from school when you aren't looking even remotely together is something I deal with a lot! I've learned to just smile and own the fact that I don't wear makeup all the time, my hair can be a nightmare, and I don't live at the school. They never seem to mind and I don't have to hear what they say when we part company. :)