Friday, April 19, 2013

One of THOSE Weeks

I've been reluctant to announce that I'm back on Weight Watchers. Sometimes I feel like my weight loss journey is too soap operatic to share with other... I'm embarrassed that this story is still going on.

I need to get over that, because I've recently been told (by my doctor) that it is probably something that I will struggle with my entire life. I don't want those words to be true. I wish I were one of those "success stories". My friend Krista decided to lose weight after college, so she joined Weight Watchers, lost 70ish pounds and has been thin for 10 years now. When I first joined Weight Watchers, also soon after college, I lost 70ish pounds. I've never been thin.

But anyways. I'm back on WW. Surprise, surprise.

And this was one of THOSE weeks. This happens to me A LOT. I weigh in on Saturday morning, then I use my flex points, and then some, over the weekend, so I have a gain, and then it takes me until Friday morning to get back down to the previous Saturday's weigh in weight, so I only have one day where my weight loss will actually register as a loss. I lose the same three pounds every week for a month.

You'd think I would learn. And when the "then some" comes in, it usually has to do with a busy schedule. I never plan to use more than my allotted flex points, but our busy calendar moves me from "flexing" to breaking the rules, and the above scenario plays out.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that I want my life to be ruled by those points. I used more than my points three weeks ago on my vacation. Because it was my vacation. That was my choice that I knew ahead of time I would make. I needed to not worry for a few days.

But last weekend I went over my points because on Friday night we had a birthday party. Then Saturday morning we had a seminar. Then Saturday afternoon we had a cook off. Then Saturday night I had two back to back church events. Then Sunday afternoon we hosted a lunch. It was a busy weekend. Every event was necessary. Every event involved food. And after the events, I still had to do dishes and laundry and grocery shop for the coming week. If I had stopped to worry over my points I would have been pushed over the edge into a pit of insanity.

My schedule sometimes gets too full, and that stresses me out. I don't use food to cope, but my food situation is one that, if not monitored closely, is naturally unhealthy. I'm ingrained with unhealthy habits. But in certain circumstances, the "monitoring closely" can be unhealthy for me to, just in a different kind of way. So last weekend, I did the best I could. I stopped eating when full. I didn't overeat. That was the best I could do. Do I wish I had been full on salad instead of grilled macaroni? Yes. But that is not what my weekend looked like. And on Monday morning I had a gain.

I should still have a loss tomorrow morning, but it won't be huge. Hey, a loss is a loss. Even the little ones add up.

But I hope this weekend is better. That's why I am writing this post. To start preparing my mind today for what I will do tomorrow. Maybe we can go for a walk. Maybe we can walk at the Farmer's Market.

We shall see =-)

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