Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Fun Saturday

It was a crappy week. There's just no other word. It's not only the kids who were ready for Spring Break. I pray this week brings rain to wash away the allergens, sun to dry up the playgrounds and laughter. We are short on laughter around here!

I was so thankful that Brett got paid on Friday. We needed to get out. And get out we did!

Friday night we met for dinner when I got off work. I love meeting for dinner =-) It just feels so datey. (Once we met for lunch, on a Friday when we had separate plans that evening - also fun.)

We ate dinner at our favorite little hole in the wall Italian joint, New York Pizza and Pasta. I have been jonesing for some stromboli for weeks! It did not disappoint. Love that place! Then we came home and watched Wreck It Ralph, which Brett had picked up on his lunch break. If you haven't seen that movie yet, you definitely should. It's a fun flick.

Saturday, we had plans to be fun and responsible. Responsibilities came first. My rear passenger side tire has been deflating all week. And last week my rear drivers side tire deflated once. I am SO thankful for the compressor that my parents gave us for Christmas. It got me to work and home every day. But the tires needed checking out. So our first trip outdoors was to Discount Tire. We dropped the car off and then headed to La Margarita - a little Mexican restaurant that has been in town for a while, we just had never been there before. Brett was sceptical, and unfortunately, he chose a menu item that was risky and it did not pay off. But my chicken chimichanga was superb! And the queso fundido was a great starter. I am looking forward to going back.

After lunch we headed back to Discount Tire where they showed me the 4 inch long piece of metal that they pulled from my tire. It was crazy! The tire was patchable though, which they did for free, so I drove away a happy girl. Until I realized that they had rolled my drivers side window down all the way. Umm... that window is broken. It can roll down a few inches, but not all the way. Which I failed to mention when I left my car with them. Why in the world did they need to roll my window down to fix my tire? Where you listening to my radio while you worked or what? I admit, my current mix is rockin', but come on!

So I left Discount Tire and drove across the street to Pep Boys. There were storms coming last night, and it was time to give in and get the window fixed. I'm so thankful that I didn't have to pay for new tires and the window. Pep Boys still has my car. They were super busy yesterday and never made it to Pumpkin, but we are first in line this morning. We'll pick it up after lunch.

After getting that all straightened out, we headed to Fort Worth for some shopping (I was gifted some shopping money this week - a nice, and much needed, surprise!) and dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant. I love me some chicken lo mein from Szechuan!

It was a long, tiring day, but good. I am looking forward to church and some grocery shopping today. I think the rain is over - it was a nice night of listening to the thunder in bed! Today, sunshine!

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Marie said...

Pryaing for a good week to come!