Saturday, April 27, 2013


It was a better week. I didn't track as closely as I should of, but not as an act of rebellion - I was just really busy. Had a lot of late nights. So I tracked during the day in my head, but only put it all online a couple of nights. I'm still doing pretty good at stopping when I am full, and that is making a huge difference right now.

I've had a few motivating moments this week that are pushing me to be more active. That's my typical pattern I guess - I never seem to start working on my food and my activity at the same time - the food is too hard. I need a little time to change some of those habits before I turn my life upside down making time to exercise. But the food is moving along nicely, so it's time to get upside - literally and figuratively!

Right now, I am planning to start water aerobics again in May, and I am working on walking. I have a LOT more to say about that, but nows not the time =-)

My mission today - the grocery store! I am in serious need of some vegetables in this house.

Thanks for listening =-)

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