Saturday, November 3, 2012

How's That For A Reason To Love Starwars???

7 years ago today, Star Wars Episode III came out on DVD. You know why I know that? Because a guy in my singles class sent out an open invitation to our class for anyone who wanted to, to come over and watch it with him. I ended up sitting with the host, and we ended up holding hands. He was surprised at how right it felt. I was not surprised. I knew the first time that I saw him that he and I would fit together well. And I was right =-)

I am so thankful that my husband is nerdy (like me). If he weren't, he wouldn't have bought Star Wars the day that it came out on DVD. And if he didn't buy it, he wouldn't have invited people over to watch it. And if he didn't invite people over to watch it, we wouldn't have held hands that night. And that night is where it all began.

It pays to be a nerd =-)

We are off to enjoy our dating anniversary. Our as we called it in our dating days, our monthiversary. This makes 84 months.

I hope you enjoy your weekend! And may the force be with you ;-)

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Marie said...

"It pays to be a nerd." Truer words were never spoken. Happy Monthiversiary!