Saturday, November 10, 2012

With a Few Minutes To Spare...

Wondering why I didn't start reading Pioneer's Woman's blog sooner. I love her.

Wishing that my husband and I were out at a flea market today. Either Canton (I know they're not open today) or the one in Tulsa with Jeff. If we were with Jeff, we would have eaten at that amazing little diner this morning and I would have the taste of perfectly cooked potatoes in my mouth.

I officially want a new phone. Officially. I need Instagram in my life. Seriously.

About to finish my third ever wreath. This one if for my grandmother, who I don't see enough because I am selfish. I love her, and I know she gets lonely. I should see her more. Seriously.

Glad I'm reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower again. And if the Breaking Dawn double feature really is sold out like I suspect, I will be going to see Perks again while it is still in theaters. It's showing at the Cinemark in Grapevine. They have ice cream cones =-)

Speaking of ice cream -

I'm so ready to start losing weight again. I was doing so well. I don't know what happened. Life got too busy, and eating right is always the first thing to go. We are grocery shopping tonight. I have some fresh veggies in my very near future, and my body is already thanking me for it.

Incredibly thankful for my family today. Wanting them to be safe. Excited holidays are so close - I love giving gifts. I should do it more.

Time to finish this wreath. It's the first one that I feel like I messed up on. My dots stuck in the wrong spot and to pull them off would tear the paper. I tried to compensate on the other side and now one part is too full. I'm hoping the finishing embellishment will distract from it. Even if it doesn't, my grandmother will love it. I'm going to raid her yarn stash =-) She said I could. She stopped crocheting. Sad =-(

Hope your weekend is peaceful, productive, and full of joy.


Marie said...

Sounds like my friend Kim is feeling a little random. :) Happy weekend!

Kriss said...

I love canton!!! Need to break in a trip before my twins get here!