Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dee Dah Days

Have you read The Life You've Always Wanted by John Ortberg? Me neither. But I'm reading it now. It's about spiritual disciplines. I'm in the chapter called "Dee Dah Days" where Mr. Ortberg talks about his youngest daughter who used to celebrate life by running in a circle and yelling "dee dah day". It was her hallelujah, if you will. This chapter is about joy and about seeking it and practicing it in your life. Definitely a discipline that must be practiced. But I sure have had a lot to celebrate lately.

It was a weird week. Remember my last post where I mentioned that Satan did not waste time attacking our marriage after the retreat last weekend? Well that lasted a couple of days. We are good now but it was a rocky start to my week. And then there was some drama at school that I did not feel equipped to handle. I didn't have to handle it much - it was mostly others who dealt with the situation, but a mom did hang up on me when I asked for her phone number to write on a message. "My son goes to your school. You don't have my phone number???" "I just wanted to write down the best number for her to reach you at, but I can just write down the numbers in your file if you would prefer." Click. That was the first mom to ever yell at me at this job. I never really got over it. I don't like yelling =-(

But it has been a really great weekend. After a long day Friday, Brett and I went to a local mom and pop Italian restaurant for dinner, and then went to see Laura, Jenna and my mom selling homemade pickles at a fall festival. The festival was outdoors, and it was a chilly 40 something degrees - so nice! And I ran into a good friend there. We came home and watched a movie after that, and I was just tuckered enough to sleep soundly all night. Victory!

Today was really fun too. I went to the Farmer's Market this weekend. It was GREAT! I can't believe I have lived here most of my life and never been to the Dallas Farmer's Market. I went with two girls in my Sunday School class that I am getting to know better, and I really like them both! We had a lot of fun and all found tasty treats. I bought new potatoes, onions, squash, plums, concord grapes, blackberries and an avocado. Also a hand carved and painted little turtle for $2 and a HUGE gorgeous yellow mum for $4. I can't believe it was only $4! I intended to buy a mum to put inside a pumpkin, but tonight I couldn't find a pumpkin big enough for my gorgeous mum. I'll try again tomorrow.

I picked up lunch for Brett and I on the way home from the market. Tasty tacos from Taco Cabana. Yumm! Then we drove to Southlake for my nephew's first birthday party! I can't believe Braylon is already a year old! He is so precious! My sister, Melanie decided to have the party at Jump For Fun so the other kids, who are not 1, would have fun things to do. Braylon has a lot of cousins. Well you may think 1 year old is too young to enjoy a bounce house, but you would be mistaken! I sure was! There are so many bounce houses at those jump places that it was easy to pick an empty one and let him crawl around and bounce with mom and dad. He was SO cute! I love his little laugh. He also had a little too much fun on a giant slide for Aunt Kim, but nothing was broken, so it worked out =-)

Today is one of those days that I wish I had a camera that took good pictures. I would have enjoyed it at the market and at the party. Maybe this Christmas? We'll see.

I hope you are having a good weekend! The weather here is gorgeous - I sure hope it sticks around.

And if you have some points/calories to spend, I recommend the peppermint mocha at McDonald's. It's really good, hot or cold. fyi =-)

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