Saturday, August 25, 2012

Water Aerobics... So Far

I signed on to blog, FINALLY, because I want to put into actually words all of the thoughts in my head I've had about water aerobics so far, but I want to catch up on reading blogs too! I'm WAY behind!

So I'll get to the point so I can go read a few blogs before Brett and I go use some of my flex points on an amazing new pizza place we found last week.

First thought: I am SOOOOO glad that my sister Laura is doing it with me. Water aerobics is fun, and it's hilarious when I am trying to get my body to do something and it is floating around all over the place. I am so happy that Laura is there to laugh with me. If it were only strangers with me, I would be quietly stifling my giggles while I balance on the barbells, but with Laura, I can say the funny things out loud as they happen, such as "Oh no! I'm floating into the lap swimmers!"

Second thought: It really is a workout. I knew that it would be, but I didn't know what it would feel like. I'm not sore like I am when I do other workouts sometimes, such as the Wii 30 day challenge or whatever. At first, I was a little disappointed because in the past, a successful workout always meant pain afterwards. But water aerobics is the workout minus the pain. I feel that my abs have had a workout when we leave the pool, and my arms and thighs too, but it doesn't hurt me when I get out of the water. Normally, any type of arm workout is going to hurt my shoulders. I have had shoulder pain for years. But so far, so good.

Third thought: I LOVE that they give us different instructors. I got the 411 from a lady as we waited for class to begin this past Thursday. It sounds like normally, we have a certain teacher on Tuesday night and a certain teacher on Thursday night. Our Tuesday night teacher is... I can't remember what the lady said. Out sick? Extended vacation? Something like that. But I haven't met her yet. Our Thursday night teacher was on vacation last week, but taught both of our classes this week and I like her a lot. In the four classes that I have had so far, I've had 3 different teachers, and it's really cool to see the differences from person to person.

Fourth thought: I like all of it, but the barbells are the fun part. You have to work pretty hard to keep them under water, and sometimes we get to curl them under our knees and float on them that way. They're fun. Mostly because they are always trying to get away from you.

Fifth thought: I have no idea why I am numbering my thoughts this post. Weird.

Lastly: I am so happy that I am doing this. I have always been interested in water aerobics. It is exactly what I hoped it would be. A good workout that I can actually do. I can't believe that I am working out for an HOUR twice a week. Me. My million pound self. I can't think of anything else I would be able to do for an hour. Walk, maybe. But not very fast and my legs would hurt after. Finding a class that is only two nights a week and $29 per month is great. If it were more times per week, Brett would probably veto it. As it is, this class has completely transformed our week. We already had church and dinner with my parents on Wednesday nights. That means that Monday night is the only night that he and I sit down and have dinner together during the week. I eat a small meal before class because I want energy for class, and because I don't get home until 8:30 at the earlist. That also means he has to not only eat by himself but make his own meals twice a week. He is a great cook and totally capable of making his own meals, it's just not how our weeks usually work. And if the class cost anymore, it would be a stretch. I already spend $20 per month on WW online. I am now spending a total of $49 per month on my journal to healthy living. Some months that will be a huge sacrifice. I am thankful that Brett agrees with me that it is worth it.

So there are my thoughts thus far on water aerobics. It is a big part of one of many things that God is doing in my life right now. I'm off to spend the day with my hubby =-)

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Jennifer said...

I am SOOOOO glad you are loving it! And I am glad that you are putting yourself first for a change. You DO deserve it! And it is SO worth it!