Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Forward... Yuck!

My least favorite time change. Of course, there are only two, so at least it was only beat out by one other. But still, falling back has a decided victory over springing forward.

We had a great weekend though.

I must confess, I've been a bit grumpy lately. Not sure why. Maybe because I've been under the weather. Just a sinus infection, but that can get pretty annoying when it lingers. And it's sick season in general, so TONS of teachers have been calling in, which makes me feel like I can't call in, and it gets annoying.

I'm also miffed with myself because I have pretty much been ignoring Weight Watchers. Again. I really need to get back on track. I am hoping for a good week. But I am planning on eating a Drumstick tonight.

I may be going to my first ever Zumba class this week. I tend to be better about my food choices when I am being more active. So if I could get my butt moving, maybe that would help to focus me.

Last weekend we got to see our good friend Gary who we haven't seen in a year and a half. He's had some pretty major life changes going on and it was SO nice to see him looking well and feeling great.

This weekend our favorite family, the Willinghams, came in town for a visit! They have Spring Break this week, so they have been thinking about visiting. The trip was almost called off due to a sudden death in the family on his side, unfortunately followed closely by an expected death from a long time sick relative. We would have completely understood if they didn't make the trip, but we were so glad to spend some joyful time with them the past two days.

Next weekend we are headed to Fort Worth to celebrate our 3rd anniversary =-) We don't have any set plans yet, but I am looking forward to some new scenery.

This week is Spring Break for us also, so that means a fun packed (translate, crazy) week in the office for me. I am hoping to get a good nights rest tonight so I can be off to a good start tomorrow.

I will take some pics in Fort Worth! Hope everyone is doing well.

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