Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Miss My Blog

I'm serious. Some day I am going to get back into blogging more regularly. I thought that Weight Watchers would help because I'm on my computer more. At least, you'd think I would be since I am doing WW online. But it still doesn't feel like much time.

Anyway. Today, I had to stop the madness to post a blog because one year ago today, we moved into the house =-) Can you believe it?!? We have been here a year! What a wonderful year it has been!

I cannot believe it has already been a year. Since the day we moved in, the thing I looked forward to the most was celebrating Christmas in the house. It was wonderful to have a full sized tree. But the two months since Christmas have probably been the best in the house so far. 2012 has brought with it a lot of changes for this familia.

We have totally changed our thinking as far as finances go. Our goal is to build our savings enough that we have an "emergency fund" that keeps us from having to rely on the credit card. This has been a slower process than I would like. I mean, it was our goal for the new year, but the month of January FLEW by! We were still recovering from the holiday season and suddenly it was February! But we definitely made some progress in February. Even if that progress was making a mistake and learning from it.

Realistically, I think we can have our emergency fund goal met by the end of May. May is also when we will pay off the bed that we bought for our anniversary last year. That means that when it is time to focus our financial energies back on paying off credit cards, we will already have gone from 3 to 2, and the small one will be easy to pay off fast.

Our lease is up in May, and if for some reason they tell us we can't renew, like the owner has decided to sell it, I will be very sad. I want to stay here. At the very least another year. I know that God is in control, and whatever happens, he will provide for us. But I sure am thankful for this house right now.

Today Brett and I went to Southlake for a day of fun! I'm on my period, which makes my mood a little unpredictable. We both woke up in a great mood. We were yuckin' it up, from the get go. But when Brett told me he wasn't in the mood to go see the movie we were planning to see, it made me sad. How stupid is that? What a baby I can be sometimes. Just because one part of our day wasn't going to be the picture I had planned in my head, I let it make me sad and waste part of the day. And then I got a phone call at lunch from my mom... we had planned to start the day (after eating lunch... a late start, I know) by going to Laura and Jenna's house to see Braylon while my mom kept him during Madi's soccer game. We were going to skip the soccer game because it's been WAY too long since we have seen Braylon, but hang around to see Madi when the game was over. But her game was cancelled. We are hopefully going to see them tomorrow, but since I was already bummed about the first change in our plan, the second change made me a double baby.

We still went to Southlake though. We had planned on Southlake because we have a gift card to that theater. Brett has been wanting to visit that Barnes and Noble and I have been wanting to check out Charming Charlies. And since there is a Lane Bryant there, I was hoping to use my coupon and get some new pants.

Well the trip to Southlake was a total success. There is still a lot of construction on the way, but it is definitely shrinking, so it was even a decent drive. Brett sat in the man chair at Lane Bryant while I tried on every pair of pants in the store. What a champ =-) I found some black work pants and a pair of jeans. They also had all of the clearance on sale for an additional 70% off. That means I got two super cute shirts for super cheap! I also got two much needed bras.

Then I dropped him off at the bookstore while I went in search of Charming Charlies. I love the purse that I have been carrying. It is orange, a good size, and totally my style. But I have been carrying it since our girls trip in July. I buy inexpensive purses because I like to trade them out fairly frequently. I generally allow myself a new purse every season. I don't always get a new one each season, but if I want one, I think it's okay. But because I buy cheap purses, I usually need a new one when the season is up. But this orange purse has been awesome. It recently had a tear on the inside that has made it less convenient because I can never find my phone quickly. It won't stay in it's pocket. But I'm going to keep it.

I LOVE the purse I got at CC's today though. It is so pretty. My last several purses have been seriously cute, but this purse isn't cute. It's pretty. I love her =-) She is so not practical. No pockets. I'm going to need to carry less. That will be tricky. But I knew the minute I laid eyes on her that she was the one I was looking for. We were MFEO.

After CCs, we took advantage of both the gorgeous 66 degree weather and our close proximity to The Cheesecake Factory to sit outside and enjoy some delicious dessert. It was such a treat!

We have taken it pretty easy tonight. Leftovers and a Bourne movie. (Have you seen the trailer for the new one? The Bourne Legacy. Count me in!) I am about to crawl into bed. I have officially started reading the Sookie Stackhouse books. I hear I'm going to love them. I sure hope so! I've never read a series with so many books in it!

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