Saturday, February 18, 2012

Earned It!

I gained 1.8 this week, and earned every ounce!

Thank goodness all of this weeks drama was short term because this is exactly how my year of gaining started last year.

This week was crazy! Actually, I guess it started last Wednesday (or was it Thursday?). We had been leasing a car. I never thought I would lease a car, but here's what happened: Brett had been driving the same car for 10+ years, and we went through a string of car repairs and then we just couldn't drive it anymore. So when we went looking for a "new" car, which for me has always meant a nice used car, Brett wanted an actual new car. The only way we could afford a new car was leasing it. I wasn't thrilled about a lease, but it was so obvious that God made a way and lead us to that specific car, so I didn't fight it. It was the right thing at the time.

I don't know much about leases, and I know people who love to lease. But those people drive super fancy cars, and they drive them for a year because they always want to be in a new car. We had a five year lease, which meant we would pay thousands of dollars for five years and, in the end, have nothing to show for it.

That was my main beef with the lease. (Main beef. What a funny expression.)

What I didn't know about a lease is that a property tax fee can show up at any time and it can be any amount and you have to pay it. That's what happened last week. We got a huge fee on our bill and there was a minor break down in our household which lead us into researching options to get out of the lease.

I'll skip the details in between, but we ended up getting a new car on Monday. It's the smaller version of what we were already driving. It's a never owned 2011. It's red, the color Brett wanted, and it has a navigation system, the feature that I wanted. We are very happy. Our payment went up almost $60, but Brett just got a raise and we are about to pay off a credit card, so we know God will provide. And years from now, when we pay it off, it will be ours.

I drove it for the first time last night =-) Love at first drive.

So there was that.

I also ran the office quite a bit on my own this week. Michelle's sweet little girl was sick =-( Michelle's husband is a realtor, so his schedule is all over the place. Sometimes that means when one of their kids is sick, he can be home with them. This week they were sharing the burden because he was selling houses. Woohoo for them! But it was a busy week, so it kept me on my toes.

We had Valentine's parties on Tuesday and Open House on Thursday. And Michelle was scheduled off on Friday. Open House is really intense for us because we sell the school nonstop for that hour. And when I say us, I mean yes, for me because it's only my second year so I get really nervous, but SERIOUSLY intense for Michelle who has been doing this for 7 years and can get in the zone and turn into that lady on the Progressive commercials.

My point is, it was a really busy week. There were lots of menus, and yes, even a few drive thrus, and I do not resent my gain at all. I'm not happy about it, but I chose it. And right now I am choosing to move on and have a great week next week. We are going to the store this afternoon and I am looking forward to some fresh fruit and veggies!

I'm also getting a looooooong overdue haircut today. Though I prefer my hair short (shoulder length-ish) I have let it keep growing because my face is so big right now. I feel like the hair helps me hide it. But now my hair is out of control. It literally gets tangled in my brush when I blow dry it every morning. I have too much hair. So off it goes.

I am very in love with my husband today. After a week of not seeing him very much, I thoroughly enjoyed our dinner out last night and am looking forward to our evening in tonight.

I also feel like blogging! I've been writing several more chapters in my head =-) Not sure which will come first. I've been thinking about Tamra, Jenina, Jennifer, Jeff and Jeff. We'll see!

Hope everyone has a refreshing, restorative, restful weekend. How's that for three Rs? Take that reading, writing and arithmetic! You don't even all start with R! Burn!

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Hope Full said...

Wow, great blog, sounds like you have a lot going on. Remember to take a minute for yourself every once in awhile. Congrats on a new car, how exciting, I would be so grateful if a new car could come into my life.

Over Joyful