Sunday, June 12, 2011

This Marriage Thing

Somedays it's as easy as breathing. Being Brett's wife is so obviously what was meant for my life, I can look back on it and see how all of my steps were leading me here. Saturdays are the best. Waking up late and staying in bed even later. Wishing we could spend the whole day in bed but then deciding we are too hungry to linger any longer, so we get up to go find hashbrowns somewhere - Waffle House if he whines more and IHOP or Denny's if I whine more. Some days marriage is easy.

Other days it's like trying to breath in the wave pool at Wet 'N Wild. So many things are crashing down around you that you're not sure which end is the deep end and which end gets you out. And moments come when you feel like you are balanced enough to stay above water for a bit, but then a wave that is much bigger up close than it looked from afar comes and knocks you down, and you stay down for a while.

I love Brett, and I would spend a lifetime in the wave pool with him if my other choice was being on dry land without him. But we sure could use a few days above water. There have been too many waves lately.

God is good and I trust in Him completely. I know that He will see us through. Just wanted to sit and sigh for a bit.


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