Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Volkswagen Lady

So, just up the street from our house, there is a small group of town homes (I think that's what they are) and outside there is always parked 2 old Volkswagen Beetles and a Volkswagen van. I love these vehicles. Every time I drive past them I wonder about the owners. I picture a long haired older man who has frequent flashbacks of the 60s. Actually, I picture Leo (Chong) from That 70s Show. I never spend much time pondering him, but it always crosses my mind.

Well tonight, I was SO excited to see the van pull into Kroger just as I did. I am happy to say that Leo didn't get out of the van, but this girl who looked exactly like I would want her to look like! A total free spirit. Like she belongs in a much more hip town. She is probably in her late 20s and she had a little girl who was maybe 2 years old with her. Both had curly red hair. Mom's was pulled up in a bun. She had a beautiful tattoo on her arm that I didn't get a great look at, because I didn't want to stare, but it was very colorful and made me think of a bird. Her skirt and tank top both looked vintage and cool and I was so happy to see that was so! If I had been walking next to her in the store instead of passing her, I would have looked in her basket. I would expect to see lots of produce, some hummus and pita chips. And if I asked her where she works, I would want her to say either a) a bookstore, b) a coffee shop, or c) as a free-lance fresco painter.

Just thought I'd share =-)

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