Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bedtime Thoughts

I should be in bed, but I stopped to email my girls on my way to bed and then stopped to read a few blogs, and now my head and my heart are so full...

I absolutely love being able to see into the hearts of my friends who have blogs. Even when their hearts are hurting. It makes me feel so close to them, which is such a gift when we are at an age that we get absolutely caught in our own lives sometimes.

I wish I could take a sabbatical. I wish that I had a year off to travel. I would spend time with friends. It would be lovely. I wish I could undo some of the debt that I have. Not all of it. I am thankful for those college loans. But the credit card. Sheesh. Hate living with 'em, can't see how to live without 'em. Not yet anyway. But enough of that.

Today, someone that I love very much found out that the procedure that she and her husband tried didn't work. Once again, she is not pregnant. Her pain was so deep. All I could feel was lost for her.

My food has been better so far this week. Not perfect, but better. I've had more water than I have had in weeks! And some fresh fruit and decent choices on my meals. I need to work on portions and I need to eat more veggies. The only fresh vegetables we have in the house right now are romaine lettuce and onions. Does garlic count as a vegetable? We always have garlic. So maybe I will have a salad with my lunch tomorrow. That would be lovely.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, and that is a good thing. I am hoping to see my college roommates this weekend. That's what the email was for. We are trying to finalize plans. I could use a dose of Jenn and Jage and Krista. And if Johnny Depp made his way into our evening, that would be ARRright with me. You get it? Arr, like a pirate. No?

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