Friday, March 4, 2011

Movin' On Up!

Is it considered movin' on up if I moved to the south-side? Not sure. But it was still a good move =-)

So it all began a week ago today. After a month of packing, it was time to move. I was off last Friday. I got out of bed at 6:45 and packed a few final things. Then I loaded my mom's mini-van, which we had borrowed the night before, and headed to turn in our Time Warner modem. One of the changes that went along with the move was our media providers. This house is wired for Verizon Fios, so we cancelled our Time Warner internet and Direct TV cable. My first task of the day was to turn in our modem. I was done there by 9:00. Thank you 25 year employee at Time Warner who made that such an easy experience. I appreciated it!

My next task was to drive to the realty company, pay rent and get the keys to the house. I took a wrong turn on the way to the place, so I was delayed about 10 minutes, but getting the keys was no big deal! Easy as pie! Then I drove to the house... and the keys didn't work. That's right. They gave me the wrong keys. What I think probably happened is the owner changed the locks and when he took the new keys to the company, they switched the old and new keys. That was a rough hour. Firstly because I was exhausted. I cry easily when I'm tired, and I needed a bit of a cry. But there was also a note on the door from the water company saying that when they came to turn the water on, the meter showed that there was water running, so they turned it off to prevent any water damage to the house. It said that someone had to be at the house when they came to turn it on. In my fragile state of mind, having no water until Tuesday, which would be the first day that someone would be at the house to meet them, was a catastrophe. So cry I did, while I sat in the driveway of the house that I couldn't get into. But after an hour or so, the owner pulled up to the house. Now let me stop and say this: I like this house, and the whole "finding the house" ordeal was tough, but not terrible. But I have been a little uncomfortable since signing the lease, because on that day I learned that we would never meet the owner of the house. The service that he uses handles everything, and the way the system is designed, we go through them for everything. Payment, repairs, everything. But when I was locked out of the house and they called the owner while I cried in the mini-van, the man who showed up to come to my rescue turned out to be none other than the owner! He is retired and handy, so he does most of the work on the house. It was a somewhat awkward interaction, but I was so happy to get to meet him. And not only did he bring a fitting key, but he turned the water back on! He said he had opened a valve after the freeze, and that's all that it was. Woohoo!

So he opened the house, walked around telling me this and that, and then left to get new keys made while I unloaded the van. Of course, I fell. I tripped over a suitcase that I didn't realize was so close behind me. I have a HUGE bruise on my leg, and my wrist is still hurting a bit, but I'm healing =-)

After unloading, I went to Chipotle and sat outside because it was a BEAUTIFUL day. It was very calming. Then I headed back to the apartment to reload. I drove back to the house and unloaded again and by that time, Brett was off of work. We took one more load to the house Friday night and then finished all of our packing.

Saturday was such a blessing. We had three friends show up to help us and they were LIFE SAVERS! I thought that my whole family, minus my dad who had to work, would be helping us on Saturday. That would be a total of 6 people, plus me and Brett. Well, there was one injury, three conflicting work schedules, and one no-show. So it was me and Brett, my mom, and thankfully, 3 friends. We couldn't have asked for better weather, and we couldn't have asked for more helpful movers. God provided completely. He always does. We loaded the entire apartment into a U-haul, the mini-van, one truck, one CUV and one car. My dad made a brisket for the movers, so when we got to the house, we stopped to eat lunch. By the time lunch was finished, Brett's mom, the no-show and two of the work-related absentees had shown up to help us unload. In short, we had the U-haul turned back in by 3:30.

Life since then has been a blur of running errands (LOTS of errands), unpacking and eating out. We had a bit of drama when the gas dryer that was provided ended up not working, but it all worked out in the end. Brett had three and a half days off this week, so he has done a lot of unpacking during the days and I have done a lot of unpacking at night. I didn't have any days off this week, and I worked 11 hours today, so I am BEAT! But I wanted to stop and blog.

God has been so good. He has provided all of the right people, every step of the way. The right people to provide boxes, to help us move, and now people to take the boxes off of our hands. Three couples in our Sunday school class are moving! Well, I guess 4, but one of them already has boxes headed their way.

And I love the house =-) I love size of the kitchen. I love the shelves in the garage. I LOVE the window in the bathroom (the natural light in the morning is awesome). I love the fans. I love the floors. I love the random shelves in the hallway that Brett has filled with comic books and action figures. I love the free movie channels we are getting for a year because we were first time Verizon customers. I don't love the cardboard smell that is in pretty much every room. I am planning to be 98% unpacked by Monday morning. I'm ready to get this done. On that note, I'm off to assemble the last set of shelves for my craft room.

Party on party people!

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