Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Quick Post

Wing two, checking in.

Is that what they say? Something like that...

It's been a pretty good week. The good news is, I love the house =-) We still have some boxes that actually haven't been touched this week, but they will be out of site before the next week begins. I'm determined. I LOVE the space in the kitchen. Everything else, I'm still getting used to. But we are going to grill this weekend, and I am looking forward to that.

Lots of good things in my life lately. Well, in my life, yes, but more in the lives of people around me. Babies must be falling from the sky, because everyday I hear of someone else who I love that is pregnant. New jobs, moves, new vehicles, life changes... it just seems like the new season is bringing change for a lot of people.

I am hoping to have time to be creative soon. I already feel creative, just having a space to work in. We'll see how this weekend goes =-)

Hope everyone else is feeling God's blessing in their life!

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