Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend =-)

Man... I'm not sure why, but I sure feel like I am in a much healthier place mentally today. After a week full of uncertainty and some confusion, today is one of those days where the future is less daunting, and more exciting. Probably because it's Sunday. Being in God's house is an excellent reminder that He is in control. We spend so much time worrying about the details of life, when the details are really already planned out. All we have to do is continue the journey.

Yesterday was a good day, which is saying a lot considering it started with a funeral. My uncle's mom passed away. I didn't know her very well, but she was one of those older ladies who you couldn't spend 15 minutes with without walking away hoping that she is what you are growing into. Somehow full of grace and pizazz at the same time. It's a sad and special event, a funeral. It was incredibly moving yesterday to watch the legacy that is this family enter into the sanctuary to say good-bye to it's matriarch. Starting a family is an intimidating concept to me, but thinking of an end result is so appealing. I want children, yes, but I also want grand-children. And great grand-children. It's a nice thought =-)

And though it was a sad occasion, it was nice to see those family members. I love my aunt Carol. How can I not, when she is so much like my mom, who is my all time favorite lady! And my cousins are sweet kids. I like them all very much, though I don't really know them very well.

After the funeral I met my husband and mother-in-law, along with her best gal pal, for lunch. It was a quick lunch because the funeral lasted longer than I had anticipated and I had to be at a baby shower at 1:00. Of course, I had not yet bought a gift for said baby shower. I don't ALWAYS buy the gift on the way to showers, but this isn't the first time I have either! hehe.

It was a baby shower for the wife of one of my oldest friends. It was SO good to see these friends. I care so much for him, even though as adults we don't stay in regular contact. He lives in the same state, but not close. And his wife is just plain awesome. She is funny and smart and beautiful, and I am so happy that he met her and married her. They are truly meant for each other. I am thrilled that their first baby will be here in less than a month!

I left the baby shower at 3:00 and had to be at our Sunday School class's Valentine's Party at 6:30. Not only had I not prepared the baked Italian dish that I had signed up to bring, but I hadn't even bought the ingredients at this point! So I left the shower and headed to Kroger. An hour later, I left with LOTS of groceries and just enough time to make the dish, which everyone was generously complimentary of.

And I am THRILLED to say that we had a great time at the party. The thing about newly-wed classes is that they are always changing. People keep getting married, so new couples are always coming to the class. From the beginning, there were couples that we admired and hoped to build relationships with, but recently, some new couples have come to the class that, for whatever reason, we are having an easier time connecting with. We just have compatible personalities. It's been great!

After the party, we went to Kohl's because the MIL gave us a gift card at lunch. Check this out! There was a book case that is regularly $130. It was marked 55% off, so the total with tax was $62.77, and we had a $50 gift card! So we got a super cute bookcase for $12.77! And Brett said it can go in my craft room. Woohoo!!!

After that we were beat, so we came home. Church was awesome today, and we went to lunch with half of our care group afterwards. So fun! I am so thankful that God is giving us the opportunity to meet such wonderful people, and bringing us closer together!

So my point is, good weekend. =-) Brett has Bible study in a couple of hours. He is leaving for it in 30 minutes, so when he does, I am going to go do some window shopping and grab his Valentine's present, then come home to watch the final episode of the first season of Glee, and do some packing! Yessss!

The reason for the weird week was that I talked to the owner of the school that I work at to see if me teaching there next year was a possibility. My heart is kind of set on teaching in the community where we live. Right now, we are living in the city where we both grew up, and I just feel pulled towards giving back to this community that raised me. But this city has had HUGE budget cuts in the school system this year, and though public school is really where I want to be, I know that the job opportunities for the coming school year will be extremely limited, if they exist at all. But when I originally applied at my current job, I applied for a teaching position. It is still my goal to be in the classroom, so I wanted to communicate that to the owner. It was a good conversation, but I felt uneasy about it in the following days. Not entirely sure why....

But today, it is bothering me less. I am SO excited about moving into the house, and SO thankful for the space and opportunities that it is going to provide us with. I am ACHING for a creative outlet, and I know that one is coming =-) It feels so good to say that! It's a good reminder that my life is not equal to my job. They are two different things. And whether I get a teaching job next year or not, I am going to spend more time doing what I love. It will be a good year. I know it.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I am headed out to go do some drooling over accessories!


Jennifer said...

So glad you had a great weekend! Can't wait to see you and talk. Soon. This week.

Marie said...

All this cool stuff is happening and I am so happy for you! Good luck on the move and securing a teaching job in the fall!