Saturday, September 25, 2010

So Far, A Perfect Day

Saturdays are BY FAR the best day of the week, for me. And is there anything in the world better than waking up, without the help of a screaming alarm clock, on a Saturday morning, in the arms of your love to the sound of rolling thunder? Ahhh... just typing it makes me sigh. Even though it puts a cheesy Garth Brooks song in my head, it's totally worth it. What a beautiful morning. A nice steady rain, a nice cloud cover, and nothing taxing on the agenda for the day. I would have stayed in bed longer if I hadn't had Weight Watchers this morning, but I still managed to stay in bed until 8:30. One more happy sigh =-) Ahhh...

I wasn't sure what to expect at weigh in today. It was a weird week. I stayed within my points, but I ate random food, and I haven't had a vegetable in days. Unless the soggy bits in my soup count, which I guess they do because I checked the vegetable box on my tracker that day. I've been on soft food only since my dental work on Tuesday. I've had ripe peaches for breakfast every day but lots of soup, some healthy (Progresso Lite) and some less healthy (Top Ramen) for lots of other meals. My non soup meals have been a turkey dog with a peach, Tuna Helper, and fish sticks with mac n cheese. I didn't go over my points any day after Sunday, but you see what I mean by interesting choices. So I decided before leaving the house this morning that whatever the scale said, I would be okay with it. The scale was good to me though and I had a nice loss which brought me to my third star this time around in Weight Watchers. You get one star for every 5 pounds you lose. I have lost 15.2. And it feels really good to be on plan.

I know that I won't lose every week. In fact, I am kind of expecting a gain next week. Not because I have any food issues, like a party or birthday, to work around, but because when I had my surprising gain a few weeks ago, it was the first Saturday of my "month" (if you're going by that special calendar that only us girls have to watch), which will be next Saturday. So if I stay on plan but have a gain, I will know to expect that in the future that week of the month.

So I was sick all week, but feeling better towards the end. Thursday and Friday weren't too bad at work. In fact, yesterday was a non-curriculum day because it was private school fair day. Guess what? I LOVE non-curriculum days! I couldn't believe how quiet it was in the office! No field trips, no special activities and fewer students. Man. If I hadn't been coughing, it would have been a pretty darn good day. Next week will be a little tricky. I have CPR training after work on Tuesday, which won't be bad, it will just be a long day. And then Thursday and Friday I will be by myself in the office again. Michelle is moving, so she will be gone. But I will try to be a little more prepared, mentally, this time, and hopefully they will be good days.

I haven't enjoyed being sick, but I have to admit, it's been really nice being semi-babied by Brett. He is just so caring. He hates when I'm sick. I'm not really one that likes to be taken care of too much. When I don't feel good, I kind of just want to be left alone. And that is exactly what he gave me this week. He didn't ask me to do anything that I didn't want to do and he didn't make me feel bad for only cooking one meal all week. He just let me sit and read, or watch him play Civilization 5. We even went to a movie last Saturday, because I didn't have the energy to do anything else. It was great!

I am very thankful for today. Brett is napping, and I am sitting in the study by the big window watching the trees sway in the rain, that is just barely still falling. I am about to work on our grocery list, and then I will probably get tired and go lay for a bit. The perfect day =-)

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