Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Different Kind of Monthly Cycle

I have come to realize that for my position at work, the beginning of the month is much crazier than the end of the month. At the beginning of each month I book field trips and get the teacher calendar all secured. This is madness and takes a good amount of time. And the field trip thing is continual, because once you book it you have to receive confirmation and then find out if any parents want to go and get that all figured out and then take care of paying for the field trip. It was quite a challenge this month. I am hoping that next month it will be a little easier, but who knows. But the good thing about this cycle is that at the end of the month, I have lots of time to catch up! I had been worried about some things on my "To Do" list that had been lingering there for too long. But those things are coming along nicely now.

I am actually working from home for a few hours this morning. We need a brochure and a few fliers, which I am happy to do, but need to do on my computer with software that is intended for design.

In other news, yesterday was the most beautiful day I have seen in ages! The absolute perfect weather. I am hoping for another one like it today!

And, guess what??? I'M GOING TO THE FAIR! I think that Brett is a little nervous about it, but I am going during the day and I will be extra safe. I am excited! Brett was really sweet about it. I'm not sure when yet. I am getting a check in the mail this week for some design work that I did, and I am going to use that money to buy the ticket to the musical. Has anyone seen Shrek the Musical, by the way? I actually haven't heard anyone tell me that it is good. But I know that they always book a good musical for the fair, and I think that I remember it winning awards when it first came out. Any opinions?

Hope everyone has a great day! It's going to be a long one for me. We have CPR/First Aid training after work tonight. Look out bumped heads! I'll have your number!

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Krista said...

I've got the fair schedule from my parents if you need me to tell you what crazy days to avoid. You'll have to let me know when you go and I'll tell you were my parents are in case you have questions. They'll certainly help you out. Maybe it'll make Brett feel better too knowing that you know two other adults that will be there working :). Have a blast! I want to go again and try some new food again!