Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CPR & Ticking Clocks

Interesting day!

I started my day by working from home for a few hours. The owners want a new brochure for the school, and I told them I could definitely do one, but I needed to use my computer. Two words to say about working from home: Awe. Some. Man!!! I wish I could do this everyday! Maybe someday I will. And, my boss LOVED the brochure! She was so nice about it. I mean, she gushed. It made me feel really good. I have a flier and some magazine ads to do next. Not sure when I will, but woohoo for that!

So I got to work at noon and then left at 1:2o to come back home for lunch. Weird. Then went back to work for a crazy afternoon! Just one of those days where the phone doesn't stop for more than 60 seconds, and every time I turn around, a student is walking into the office needing copies, or with a sick note, or... you get the idea.

And then tonight we had CPR/First Aid training after work. Ugh. Way too much reality. I wish I could just not think about those things. But I am really glad I had the training. It was very informative. AND the trainer reminded me of Colonel Flag from M.A.S.H. Wow! Was he ever intense! And funny. But mostly intense. And he does not abide bad manners. He told us that and proved it! So I didn't get home until 9:00 tonight. They provided pizza, but I passed on the pizza and made a tasty turkey wrap when I got home.

The other weird part of my day was when a man who I had never met before told me that my clock was ticking and I better get moving if I want to have kids. Really? I know I am 29, but I didn't think people would start saying that to me for at least another year. Guess I was wrong! So thank you Matt the plumber who wanted to know my "history" so he could instruct my future. I'll keep that ticking clock in mind.

I am off to read a few blogs! Hope everyone had a great day!


Jennifer T. said...

Lucas and I were told the same thing by an older "friend" not too long ago. Of course, it's generally a male that says something like this. Or an old person. Either way, it's rude and inconsiderate when you think about how many people with "ticking clocks" are trying to have babies...you never know who you could be hurting and/or offending!

Blaire said...

I would have looked at that man, with my classic fake smile, and proudly said "God is in charge of my "ticking clock!!" Thank goodness He's in control, and not some stranger reminding us rudely.
Praying for you each day.