Saturday, October 2, 2010

Walking A Fine Line

I think there is a fine line between planning for the future and being discontent in the present. I came to that realization today after I found myself falling from that tight rope into discontentment. It was a bit shocking! I stopped myself in mid grumble. How in the world can I complain? I have a wonderful husband, a new job, AND it's my favorite time of year. I need to stop and be thankful.

I have kind of been in that mode lately... fantasizing about the future. About things I want to make and do and see. When those things feel impossible right now, it is easy to become discontent. I do NOT want to become someone who forsakes my life each day because I am always looking towards another day.

AND a lot of the things that I want to do, I could do right now. Mostly the making. I really feel like crafting and just haven't had any time lately. But I know that if it is really important to me, I will make time. It is already 5:12 on Saturday, the day pretty much gone, and I have a list of things that I need to do, but I am determined not to go to bed until I have done something that I WANT to do. In fact, I decided to stop and write a blog before I got busy. It's something that I wanted to do. I know it's not a must, but it is something that I enjoy that I have let fall to the side because I have been too busy. Blah.

So anyway. How is it, you ask, that it comes to be after 5 on a Saturday and I have yet to do anything particularly productive? I'll tell you! We had an impromptu shopping trip!

We are flat broke, so no way did I expect to end up with anything shiny and new this weekend. But my mother-in-law bought a piece of furniture last week that, once she got home, just didn't work in the space she had available. She bought it to be a side table, but it would work as a night stand too, and she knew that we didn't have night stands, so she decided that if we liked it, she would buy another one and let us have them for our bedroom. How nice! Here is a pic:

Guess where it's from? One of my favorite stores. Pier 1 Imports. Man. This is seriously a danger zone for me. There used to be a Pier 1 Clearance store in my city, but it has been gone for a couple of years. We still have a Pier 1 though, and I try very hard to avoid it at all costs! I LOVE this store, but it is pricey! It was SO fun to go look around there today though. And guess what else she bought me??? Randomly, they sometimes have little pieces of jewelry in the stores. I saw this ring for $6 and LOVED it. It's totally my style. Whimsical and affordable. Ha! I got the yellow one! Isn't it cute???

Last night we just took it easy. I was exhausted! For two reasons. When I was sick last week, I didn't get a full night of sleep once. I woke up coughing every night. It was rough. And then this week, I worked the office by myself for half of the week. My partner in crime, the other girl who works in the office, who is way more important than me, moved this week. It's a good thing! She used to live an hour from the school, and now she says it's only a fifteen minute drive. How she gets to the school from Arlington in 15 minutes, I have no idea, but good for her! But her moving meant that she left at noon on Wednesday and was off Thursday and Friday. I am thankful to say that I did okay on my own. I'm sure that she would have gotten WAY more done than I did, but everything that needed to happen did. So that's good news. But I worked from 7:30-6:00 on Thursday and Friday, so even though they were okay days, they wore me out!

Because funds are low, we picked up a cheap dinner last night and stayed home to watch Iron Man 2. I liked it just as much this time =-) And it brought back fun memories of seeing it at the drive-in for my birthday! I fell asleep around 10:15 and slept until 9:00 this morning. Thank goodness! I made the decision a few days ago to sleep in today and not go to Weight Watchers. I really needed the rest.

So we took it slow this morning, but I still felt kind of rushed because we had to be at the church by 12:10. They are making a church directory, so Brett and I had our picture session today! It was our first real picture together since we've been married. Actually, come to think of it, it's the first professional picture we have ever had taken. A friend shot our wedding and we have never had a picture in a studio before. Wow! So I was excited. It was kind of sad though. I thought I would look thinner in the picture. I have lost 15 pounds, so I was expecting my face to look thinner. It's funny how mirrors can be forgiving. Especially when there are only lights coming from above. Extra chins are left in shadow! But not when you are in a room full of lights and someone flashes a big camera at you. It was motivating though. I really want to stay on track and I am a bit nervous about the holidays. Hopefully I can keep that picture in mind and focus on making good choices.

After the pics we picked up Brett's mom for lunch and then stopped and shopped. It is now 5:37 and time for me to get to work. Well, maybe I can read a few blogs first! Hope your Saturday is relaxing and fun!

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