Sunday, July 18, 2010

Easy Like Sunday Evening

I love when I have my iTunes on random play and "White Christmas" or some other snazzy Christmas tune comes on. Makes me happy =-) It is one hot summer in Texas this year! We had some crazy rain a couple of weeks ago, but the wet is gone and the wildly hot is here. It's hot! I mean, really hot!

Church was great this morning. I mean, we didn't make it to big church, because I slept in, because I didn't sleep well last night for what seems like the 30th night in a row. Except for that one night a few weeks ago when I took some pain killers for my tooth. But Sunday School was awesome! Brett started a new series on The Fruit of the Spirit. He has been writing it in his head off and on for a couple of years, but now he is actually writing it. Today was the first lesson and it was so good. He is such an amazing teacher. The kind of teacher that a seminary student would benefit TREMENDOUSLY from! I mean, anyone could benefit from his teaching! But if I were a student, I feel like I would value him so much as a teacher because he makes the knowledge seem so attainable. Like Rachael Ray with cooking! God has given him some amazing gifts, and I'm very interested to see where they lead him in the future, and I am loving where they have him now =-)

The Holy Spirit has been gently calling me out of my sin trap. It's time to pull myself out of this pit. Actually a giant bowl would be a more accurate mental picture. I have been eating like crazy lately. And it's time to stop. I feel yucky and I'm up to 245. My clothes are getting tight and I avoid my reflection almost all of the time now. I'm embarrassed. I'm hurting. I'm sad. And I need help. I need to do this with God's help. Gluttony is a sin, just like stealing, and I am ignorant if I think that I can defeat sin on my own. None of us can. It's time for me to get on my knees, confess, repent, and start living right before my living wrong kills me.

I have so much going on. So much in my head. I hope that I get a lot done this week. I hope that I take things one step at a time and come to the end of the week feeling like I have moved forward a bit.

What a random blog post. Sorry for the rambling. I thought it would be better than silence, no?

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

And hey! Thank you, Blaire, for your sweet comment. It was really encouraging. I love you and miss you and hope you're having a rockin' summer! =-)


Jennifer said...

With so much going on, I know it must be tought to get the eating in place. I know this because I'm with you on that! (Again, you are NOT alone!) Prayer works miracles, so just keep the faith and focus on the things that are important to you.

I'm so happy for you about your job situation! It's tough to be the new kid, but it sounds like you are well-liked and doing just fine. :) Chin up and keep working hard...success is yours!

Marie said...

Yay! for great church.. Yay! for Holy Spirit encouragement to throw off those sins that entangle us. Yay! for Kim, cuz she's a wild and crazy Jesus lovin chick with a brain!

Blaire said...

AW!!! A shout out!! :) Thanks girl!!