Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Thoughts

I finally had a pretty okay day at work. Not that any day has been bad. Just so hard and full of a lot of uncertainty. Yesterday was an improvement as was today. Thank you, Lord. I know everyone is saying it will come to me. I am trying to be patient. But thank you for a good day.

And a few random thoughts.

Sometimes a girl just feels like pigtails and face paint. It's allowed.

It's not even August and I am seriously considering starting some Christmas crafts next week. I've got some good ideas!!!

Food can be a time machine. One bight of Honey Nut Cheerios and I am a little girl with pigtails. And possibly face paint.

When I am wanting to relax I always wish I could be floating on a lazy river. Or I think of laying in the hammock in Jenina's back yard. We would look up at the trees for what felt like hours. Loved that hammock.

I need a massage.

I am excited about my jewelry party on Sunday, but I wish more people were coming. I hope I can cutify my apartment! I also need a few more munchies. Fruit and veggie trays are good times, but not enough on their own, ya know?

I am dog tired. Where does that expression come from? Dog sled races or something?

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