Monday, May 31, 2010

Three Day Weekend... You Are The Peach In My Pie!

Man, oh man. I sure was in need of that three day weekend. When three days feels like a week off... man. That's good stuff.

The downer to this weekend was a toothache that rocked my world for about 48 hours. It's not hurting at all today, but you better believe I will be taking care of that ASAP! I'm telling you, excruciating pain! Not like, please let me die, pain, but DEFINITELY take some Tylenol PM so I can just keep sleeping til it stops. And I did! It was a dull pain all day Friday, but it really started to pound when I got home from work. I took some meds and rested a bit and then we headed out to dinner for a quick baked potato from Red Hot and Blue. That's good stuff! And nice and soft. And then we headed to Kroger to grab a few groceries that we needed for some Saturday food plans, and then we came home to watch a movie and just kick it for the night. As soon as I got home, the pain started to climb. I made it through the first half of The Bourne Identity (I really like those movies! I've only seen them a couple of times each, so it still feels kind of new when I watch them... exciting!) before I had to take some Tylenol PM. That was around 10:00. When the movie was over, it was REALLY hurting so I just laid down. Brett was wide awake, so he stayed up for a bit and I was completely zonked when he came to bed. The pain woke me at about 5:00 a.m. so I got up and took MORE Tylenol PM and that was the end of that until about 11:00 Saturday. The pain was there all day, but not as bad as the previous day. And THANK GOODNESS, it was not bad enough to deter my Saturday night plans...

Sex And The City 2!!! WOOHOO!!! I loved it =-) Dinner with my girls was GREAT and the movie... was like hanging out with a whole other group of friends. The best thing about this film was getting to see sides of Miranda and Charlotte that had been missing for a while, but were still totally genuine at the same time. The clothes were great, the scenery was great, Samantha's "hot guy" fixation was WAY hotter than the first film. All in all, two very enthusiastic thumbs up. I'm hoping to see it again with Jenina after I make her come watch the first one over here. Krista, that goes for you too! You should TOTALLY come with us! I'm sorry you didn't make it Saturday =-( We missed you.

It was a great night. Jennifer gave me this little plaque that is hanging on my wall now that says "I am fairly certain that given a Cape and a nice Tiara, I could save the world." Umm... I'm fairly certain I've spoken those exact words. I LOVE it! And I got beautiful flowers that are sitting on my counter and a gift card to one of my all time favorite stores... Hobby Lobby. Score! And some really sweet birthday cards. It was a late birthday celebration with my chicas, and to top it all off, my sister Melanie bought my dinner and movie ticket! Which was really helpful because I'm broke. haha.

Sunday was a really nice day. My tooth was feeling MUCH better. Church was wonderful, as usual. We went for burgers at DQ after church because it is on the way to Sprouts, and Sprouts had cherries on sale for $1.89 a pound. Are you kidding me? Heck yes! Then we came home to make a grocery list and relax a bit before heading to my parent's house for our monthly family dinner. We are all kind of spread out across the metroplex these days, but the last Sunday of every month we meet for dinner at my parent's casa. I love it. And since everyone had today off, we took our time and got to hang out a little more than usual. On the way home, we did our grocery shopping so we wouldn't have to worry about it today, and then just relaxed and did laundry and things like that til we were tired!

Today was a busy morning! We were truly blessed to be able to meet a need with Brett's old car. It is in serious need of some TLC, but we happen to have a friend who we jokingly say has the spiritual gift of cars! He knows his stuff. And his son has been in need of a car for quite some time. So this morning we got up and gave the car a good scrubbin' and a fresh oil change. It took a while and we were hot and sweaty when we finished! So we showered and relaxed and waited for our friends who came around 2:00. We had a great visit with our friend and his son (who is one cute kid!) and have spent the day just relaxing and enjoying each other.

I love a three day weekend that is not crammed full of plans. It's one of the good things about being broke... keeps you from having too much to do! We are going to have to be pretty serious about our budget for a while, and I want very much to be serious about my food again. This weekend was about relaxing and enjoying each other, but starting tomorrow, I will be paying much closer attention to my food. I have been craving ice cream and Tex-Mex like mad lately! But I have enjoyed it several times in the last two weeks, so it's time to tame that beast! Hopefully, I will be back to weighing in this Friday. I really wanted 29 to be the year that I got healthy. Well, the first three weeks of my 29th year have been big fails in that department. But I still have 49 weeks to make changes. I need to do it, whether I feel ready or not. I won't be able to afford new clothes if I outgrow these! And I sure would like to have more than one pair of jeans that are comfortable. I have four pairs waiting in my closet for me to drop a size.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Happy last week of school to Jennifer, Jenna, Krista, Marie and any other teachers reading my blog. I hope it's a great week!

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