Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mourning... Again

This is the second time in a year that I watched a friend lose a baby. The circumstances are different this time. When my friends Jeff and Karen lost their baby several months ago, the baby was 5 months old. (I think it was 5 months... it's crazy how quickly details that are forgotten so quickly by outsiders will never be forgotten by those who lived them.) My friend who lost her baby yesterday was 6.5 months pregnant. She is in labor right now, and will probably be most of the day.

Once again, I find myself speechless. Having no words of comfort, not even knowing what to pray, just thinking the word "How?". How does someone recover from a loss like this. DO they ever recover? And finding no answers. God's only response to me, when I say "I don't know how a parent deals with losing a child" is "I do". It's a painful, potent reminder that we serve a God who knows exactly what it feels like to lose a child.

Brett and I were just saying a couple of days ago how difficult times in life can make things complicated and simple at the same time. It's always nice to have things clarified... to have a reason to forget the trivial and focus on the significant, but man... sometimes the price of those clarifying moments feels so high.

Pray for Stephanie and Dustin. No need to pray for baby Duncan anymore. He is in his Daddy's hands.


Marie said...

Oh Kim, I am so sorry. I will be praying for that family.

Jennifer said...

I'm so very sorry. I'll be praying for strength and healing for everyone..including you. It's hard for friends to watch people they love go through such a difficult time and feel so helpless. God has his healing hands over everything.


Jennifer T. said...

A similar thing happened to my friends on Tuesday, although they weren't that far along. So sad. :(