Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hello June. Long Time No See

June already. Summer in Texas. Man. That's a big deal. I was sweating before I even left the house this morning! I am SO not a fan of putting on makeup in the summer. Or anytime there is any amount of sweat on my face. But wipe and cool and wash as I may, I can't make it through the 7 minutes it takes for me to put on makeup without perspiring just a tad. I know, it's gross, but those are the facts Jack! But I have to say, we had MUCH more Spring than usual this year. I enjoyed it thoroughly. And I'm looking forward to the summer! I put on sun block tonight and was instantly transported to days of swimming in the other Kim's pool and playing games on the diving board. Sigh. Good times.

So. On most of the blogs that I read (at least half!) the author posts goals for the month on or near the first day of the month. I am a big planner, but I tend to hesitate on making goals. If my plans change, that's it... plans changed. But if I set a goal and fail to meet it, I FAILED! So I don't really want to post any goals tonight, but I can't help but talk about my day.

So. Much. Better.

God is so good. Tonight, I am simultaneously filled with praise and silenced by thankfulness. He is so good. And I am so unworthy of the grace and mercy that He pours into my life. But I am so thankful that He continues to give so freely.

I just took the WW quiz to double check, and I should be consuming 30 points per day right now. (Darn! I thought it was 31!) Well, today I ate 37. But 9 of those points were either fruit or vegetables. I had a LOT of fruit today! In fact, if you think that you misplaced some fruit today, chances are, I ate it! But I also had a salad and tomato soup for lunch and a large portion of sugar snap peas at dinner. AND, I had a really good walk tonight. The best yet. It was long and slow, but I perspired and prayed and I feel so... whole.

So I don't have any "goals" for June, but today, I am hoping that every day, I will make good decisions. Every day. I am hoping to move more, eat better, pray more, love better, work hard and trust that the Lord is leading, even when I feel lost.

P.S. I love my husband. The end.

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Jennifer said...

I love your "PS" at the end! Wonderful!

I also love that you pray while you walk. I need to do more of that. Mostly when I walk I am having to tell myself to keep moving!! Hey, are you doing the WW Walk It Challenge next Sunday the 6th? Map your own 5K and walk it! I've got mine mapped out, so I hope you do one, too!! (I'm doing it early so I don't die in the heat of the day. UGH!)