Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 4.30.10


Isn't it crazy how when I have a gain I tend to be thankful that it is not as much as I expected, but when I have a loss my first thought is always that I should have done better? What is wrong with me??? I think that I am just frustrated that the number is so high. I need to keep moving in the right direction.

Down 1.6 from last week. And this week I definitely earned the loss. My food has been pretty good all week. I still wish I hadn't had that second taco on Tuesday, and last weekend was the usual overindulgence (UGH!) but other than that, pretty good. And I have walked every day since Saturday. I ended up deciding that I had just enough time to get a walk in before I headed out to McKinney to see my chicas. Guess what? The park is SO not crowded at 5:30! Good to know! Hehe... and I jogged a little. Not much. 115 steps, two different times. It's all I could do. Why does jogging always sound easier than super fast walking? When I'm getting towards the end and have slowed my pace down drastically, I just can't get my feet to walk faster. But sometimes I jog the last little bit back to my car. Why is that?

I won't be walking today because it's Friday and my husband deserves my full attention. I know that he is supportive of my trying to make healthy changes, but I think it's kind of frustrating for him to see me walk out the door so often. I love you honey. I can't do this without you. Thank you for believing that that isn't the case. I know that you think I can do anything, but that is only true when I have you to lean on.

So, I know that I say this every Friday, but I REALLY want for THIS weekend to be the first weekend where I don't lost control eating. We don't have much money so we will be eating out tonight and Sunday lunch, like usual, but probably not somewhere where I will be tempted to overindulge like crazy.

I am thankful for a loss this week, but I am frustrated over all of this up and down mess. I feel serious... so I want to BE serious! All of the time, not just from Monday morning til 5:00 Friday.

Hope everyone's weekend starts out well! Special happy thoughts going out to Jamie who will be shopping for a new casa this weekend. I hope that is more fun than frustrating!!! And SUPER special thoughts to my BFF Jeff who has fun plans tonight =-) Love you!

Peace out playas!

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