Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Walk In The Park

I was so tired tonight. Walking didn't sound exciting. But I knew that it was just my mind, and not my body that was tired. So I was hoping a nice walk would awaken my mind. Or at least relax it. haha... not so much. I'm still tired. I only walked the half loop tonight. It was later than usual because I made three dinners tonight instead of one. I have plans tomorrow night and had something I wanted to make Brett for dinner. And because we were short on an ingredient, we were eating similar, but different dinners tonight. I thought that I could plan it so that all three dinners would be done at the same time, but that didn't happen! Brett's dinner and tomorrow's dinner were ready at the same time, but I didn't even start mine until his were done. Oops. I need four more burners and four more pots. My bad.

So, like I said, I have plans tomorrow night, making it one of those nights that I can't walk. Or can I? I could do one of those walking lunches that I romanticized about a couple of months ago. haha... that still hasn't happened. But we are super slow at work and sitting through lunch at my desk is kind of miserable. So maybe I could give it a try tomorrow. OOOOR, it's possible I may have a just big enough window for a quick walk after work. Definitely if she wants us there at 7:30. But 7 would be pushing it. It takes me close to an hour to get there. So I'll think about that.

When I got home after my walk tonight I was feeling bummed because I wasn't "feeling" the work out. I like having sore abs after a workout or sore arms the next day. But walking... I mean my ankles hurt during the walk, but an hour later all is well. So tonight I decided to do a few crunches and wall pushes (made that up... push ups on the wall instead of the floor... fancy) before I got into my jam jams. Guess what? I feel it! Woohoo! Even though I only did 25 crunches, that's 25 more than I've done in probably a year, so I can feel it! That would be a nice thing to work on each day and slowly grow, huh?

I have to mention this. Tonight, I didn't eat my whole dinner. WHAT??? I know, right!!! Yeah me! I don't think I even ate half! I was so hungry cooking but when I finally sat down to eat, after about 10 bites I was full! It may have something to do with the diet cream soda I sipped while cooking. I know sodas aren't good for me, but when I am hungry but don't want to eat, they really do the trick. I am working on growing out of that though... So anyway, I ate half of my salmon fillet, a few bites of my sugar snap peas and a few bites of my mashed sweet potato and put the rest away. Lunch tomorrow! That was my first time to make sweet potatoes of any sort. I know they pack a lot of vitamins, but it's just not something that we ate growing up. I mean, a few family members order the sweet potato casserole at Boston Market, but mixing sweet and savory isn't typically my thing. Like I don't eat honey flavored meats ever. Sweet meat just ain't my thing! So the sweet potato tonight was... interesting. I didn't really like the sweetness of it with my food. I know it's called "sweet" potato, but I didn't expect it to be quite that sweet. I mean, sugar snap peas taste nothing like sugar! See my logic? hehe. With the right food, I think I would like them though. So I'm going to ponder what to match it with over the next few days... Any suggestions? How do you like your sweet potatoes?

One more shout out to my husband who bought me roses on his day off yesterday. I really appreciated it. I love flowers =-) And I like knowing that he is thinking about me sometimes even when we are apart.

Night blogland!

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