Sunday, May 2, 2010

Post #600

That's a lotta bloggin!

So, this weekend was an improvement. I'd say that I ate 50% better than I have been eating on recent weekends.

Friday night we went to Joe's Crab Shack because Brett won a gift card at work Friday afternoon. I have been once before, but it was years ago at a different location. This was a MUCH better experience! And frankly, Brett and I needed a nice surprise. Something to brighten our day =-) Brett and I both left the restaurant liking every bite we put in our mouth. We ordered calamari as an appetizer. It was not what you would call health food, but seriously good! And then I ordered the broiled something or other platter. It had two broiled tilapia fillets, 6 grilled shrimp and a crab cake. And then a TON of really tasty broccoli and some delicious rice! There were no tempting cheddar bay biscuits, like at Red Lobster, and the crab cake was mostly crab and not a ton of filler. At least it seemed that way to me. I ate almost all of the crab cake, one tilapia fillet and 3 grilled shrimp. Plus all of the broccoli and probably 3/4 of the rice. I stopped eating when I was full, which was pretty much a miracle, and I left feeling good. Just saying that makes me smile =-)

Saturday started out pretty well. Like I mentioned last week, there was no walking on Friday. I needed to just be with my husband. Saturday morning I usually sleep in and then go for a walk, but this weekend I woke up early and went to help my sister move. Laura moved into a WAY cute townhouse with a good friend. I am so excited for her! It feels like a good beginning. So I missed the walk, but there was plenty of walking going on, up and down stairs I might add, and some carrying of heavy things. Not a ton... Laura got rid of a lot of things the last time she moved, so it was actually fairly easy. The weather was perfect and she and my mom and myself were able to get it all done in four hours.

After that I RACED home! I had a Southern Living party to attend at 2:00 in Euless. Have you ever been to one? It was fun! It's all home decor and everything was SO cute! I saw about ten things that, on another week with less bills, I would have struggled not go buy! So I raced home after helping Laura, to shower and inhale a couple of turkey dogs and a bag of Baked Lays. 8 points for a fast and tasty lunch. Not bad! At the party I ate a little fruit with a little fruit dip (my mouth is watering just thinking of the tastiness!) along with two little cream puffs. Is that what you would call those Jennifer? They are about the size of a donut hole, filled with a light cream, and dipped in chocolate. I could have eaten about 20 of those. But I stopped at 2. So not bad!

Dinner was not as great though. It wasn't terrible... Brett's mom took us out for Mexican food. We went to a restaurant that she goes too often, we have been to once a few years ago, and have recently wanted to try again. Our first trip to Uncle Julio's a few years ago was pretty tasty. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for this weekend's trip. The appetizer, queso flameado, was just okay. I ate one serving with a tortilla and dipped another servings worth with chips. Then I ate three bites of a chicken taco, that was just not good, a pork tamale that would have been better without the chili sauce, and a chicken enchilada in salsa verde that was not bad. So I ate more than was necessary, and it wasn't even very good. Go figure.

After dinner, I got really frustrated on our trip to the grocery store, and then it took us a while to get home because we needed to help Brett's mom with some things at her house, so on the way home we stopped for Frosty's. I took a wrong turn leaving Wendy's and it sort of pushed me over the edge. Thank goodness it was dark outside so Brett couldn't see my crying. Ugh. What can I say? When my body runs out of words, it's reaction is to cry. I was just tired. And I know that I've said this a lot lately, but it's still true - life is a little overwhelming right now. I'm doing my best. Every now and then I need to cry. And unfortunately, every now and then, I want some ice cream. If we hadn't had groceries to put up, we would have stopped for frozen yogurt instead. But a need to hurry left me voting for a drive through. My Frosty was good, even mixed with my tears. Stupid Kim.

Today was half and half. For breakfast I had an English muffin with a tablespoon of Better n Peanut Butter. For lunch had some DELICIOUS Jason's Deli that I was thrilled to discover! The Mediterranean Wrap, minus the olives (yuck) and tomatoes (I wish I liked them, but I don't) with a side of fruit. WOWZERS! This stuff was super tasty! It was my first time to try hummus. I'm not used to the creaminess on a sandwich (I'm a mustard girl), so every time I felt it in my mouth, it made me wary, but the flavor was great!

That's pretty much the end of my good eating for the day. I had two snacky items this afternoon that we temporarily have hanging out at the apartment. They are old favorites and I had some points to spare, so instead of torturing myself trying to avoid them, I ate them. Just one of each though, and I would have liked two. I know... that's not exactly a victory, but you have to admit, it's progress. I don't need to worry about them anymore though because tomorrow, they will be leaving the apartment. We had frozen lasagna for dinner. I ate a big salad, one piece of bread (even though I wanted two) and one serving of lasagna (even though it was a slightly larger portion than the suggested serving). I didn't walk today. That's the only thing I am disappointed about.

But did you hear that??? I ended my weekend only having one thing that I was disappointed about, and it wasn't even something I ate! Well, okay... I guess I would be proud of myself right now if I hadn't had that Frosty last night. So that could have been better. But honestly... it's a major improvement over the last dozen weekends!

Next weekend is my birthday weekend. Our plans have changed and may continue to change depending on what the weather does Friday night. I know there will be some indulging involved, but this week will be full of good food and lots of activity. I'm looking forward to it. Pretty much. =-)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Jennifer T. said...

Woohoo! Go Kim! Can't wait to see how much you lose this week! You can do it!

Thanks for coming to my party on Saturday. If y'all hadn't come, it would've been a complete bust.

Jennifer said...

Hmm...sounds like a successful weekend to me!!! Way to go! I'm so inspired by you!

Okay, so Better Than Peanut Butter...where can this be found? I hear about it and I never find it!!