Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It Doesn't Feel Like St. Patrick's Day...

It feels like Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for! Yesterday was a good day. I felt good before I even left for work. I was ready to make good food choices, which I did all day, and the day just kept getting better.

Yesterday was Brett's first day back at his old position, and if we needed any confirmation that the change was a good thing, we got it! It was a good day. All day =-) I am so incredibly thankful. And the best part of his work day was that it ended at 5:30 (or something like that) in reality AND in actuality! When he was in his old position, it would end at 7:15 in reality, but in actuality, he was at work all the time. He never stopped thinking about it. Worrying about what was done or not done. I mean it... all the time. But we enjoyed our evening last night =-) We had a great Star Trek to watch, we had a really tasty dinner that will definitely be in the recipe rotation permanently (we had made it a couple of times before, but now it officially has our seal of approval) and we had time to focus on each other. Time that we just never had during the week before.

AND!!!! Guess what else happened yesterday??? My sister bought a house! I'm so stinking excited I can't even say it without crying!!! Melanie is my big sister, by one year. I love her so much and after years of struggling, I am absolutely thrilled that her life is so full of blessings right now. She is only months away from finishing school and being a fully certified nurse, her husband is amazing, the house they have been renting was SO nice and in a great school district, and now, they are buying an even better house!!! The rental really is nice, but Mel didn't love the layout. The rooms were all great with tons of storage, but she said she still felt like she was living in an apartment sometimes because of the way the rooms were situated. She could be in the bedroom in the back of the house and still talk to JD (her hubs) who was in the study at the front of the house. They thought that buying the rental was their only option though. The real problem with the rental was the location. It's minutes from my niece's school, but there is talk of them redrawing the district lines, and if Madi had to switch schools, it would be a total bummer. The other subdivisions are so pricey though... but before they decided to go through with buying the rental, JD told Mel to just drive around the subdivisions they like and make sure there weren't any options. That was last Friday. Seriously. Oh my goodness. It just was a total blessing! Perfect timing. I'm rambling, so I'll just say, they found something! They got the word yesterday that they were approved for this house. It's more expensive, but it's in the perfect location and they are buying it for WAY less than it's worth because the sellers are eager to sell. It was owned by a company who used it as temporary housing for relocating employees. The company no longer has a need for it, so they wanted to sell it. God is good =-)

That was yesterday. Here is my blessing of the day today. Well, first, Brett really liked dinner and was so complimentary that it just made me feel good. But also, I am doing a couple of logos right now. I took down my logo design blog months ago... I just didn't have the time to commit to it. But occasionally a friend will ask me to work up a little something for them. Here's the thing. I just don't work in an office where work is praised. It's really rare that my boss tells me good job or that she likes something that I've done. I'd be lying if I said that it never happens, but it's not a frequent occurrence. It's just not that kind of office. But that's why doing side jobs can be so gratifying! "Logo design" doesn't sound very glamorous, but the person requesting a logo is usually invested in it. A logo means something. It signifies an undertaking, or a mission, or an idea... and when a person gets to see an idea that means a great deal to them come to life in visual form, they sometimes get excited. I was so happy tonight to read the response on the proofs that I sent last night. She was so pleased. Lots of explanations points, and I believe an "oh my goodness!". It just makes me feel good.

I tend to feel like I'm kind of a dud as a graphic designer because my job is so... well, not glamorous? And I don't get many "at-a-boy"s, even after I've worked hours and hours and put a lot of effort into something. But reading that email tonight made me feel... the opposite of worthless. I guess that means valuable. I felt valued. And it was nice =-)

So that's my point. Lots of blessings this week. Lots to be thankful for. There will be even more to be thankful for this weekend! Sunday is our first wedding anniversary =-) I can't believe it. In 4 days, I will have been married for a year. A year ago today, I was spray painting boxes to display cupcakes on at the reception. And working on bridesmaid gifts. Wow. =-)

Happy St. Patrick's Day. =-)

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Jennifer said...

I'm so thrilled that you had such a great day! And how will you all be celebrating that first anniversary? My husband and I traditionally stay home and cook together and eat off our wedding china. Congrats on the first year!!