Thursday, February 11, 2010

So Beautiful...

It's snowing. Big, huge, beautiful, very non-Texan snowflakes. The view from our apartment is of the creek that we face. I can't see any roads unless I go out on the balcony and lean over the edge. So there is nothing interrupting the view of this beautiful snowy day.

What is it about snow? It's so graceful. So lonely. For some, mostly children, snow inspires thoughts of frivolity... snowball fights, cancelled school, holidays. For others, it brings fear of isolation. Being cut off from the rest of the world. Stranded. But for others, it's just comforting. A blanket of snow. Who doesn't love a good blanket?

I prayed for snow last night. I was certain if it snowed, schools would be cancelled (because Texas schools usually shut down when it snows!) and I would be able to reschedule today's appointment and not have to worry about leaving work.

Well, I woke up to snow, but no ice, so schools are up and running. I also woke up with stomach pain. The same stomach pain that I've been suffering through all week because of my poor choices over the weekend. But I have a project at work that will take a good six hours or so, so I called my boss and asked if I could pull those files and work from home today. Actually work from the bathroom is what I said. She was obliging so I am currently pulling the files from our ftp site.

My plan is to work until 1 and then eat a quick lunch and then take my time getting ready for my meeting. I'm already showered with dry hair so all I need to do is get dressed and put on some makeup. I will probably leave here a little before 2 so I can drive nice and slow.

After the meeting I will run a few errands and then come home to finish the work project. Tonight I will do a few more online classes. That's the plan anyway.

Happy snow day =-)

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