Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Just Cannot Calm Down

I think I need to learn some breathing exercises or something. I just can't shake the anxiety.

Things are okay. I have a meeting tomorrow at one of the schools where I want to do observation. I have no idea why. I emailed two principals. One of them said "that would be fine" and the other forwarded my request to the VP who then said "when can we meet to talk about your observation?". What? You want to meet me? Why? I'm just coming to observe. But I've decided it's my first chance to make a good impression. I have a meeting at 2:30 tomorrow with the Vice Principal at the newest and best middle school in Irving. I have no idea how I'm going to get there at 2:30 when I am supposed to be at work until 5:00, but I was not about to tell her no. I will figure something out. OR... maybe it will snow and school will be cancelled so we'll have to reschedule. We'll see. Either way, I'm super nervous. I THINK I've decided what to wear, but if it doesn't look good when I try it on tonight I'm heading straight to Wal-mart to search for something presentable/professional-ish. I have class until 9:00 so Wal-mart will be my only option.

Work has been better for Brett the last two days, but now it looks like the something that was going on (we don't really know what it was) is still going on. I know he must be nervous and uncomfortable and the thought of him suffering fills me with all kinds of emotions and urges.

And there is a cake in the lunch room.

It's gorgeous. It was there when I got back from running a couple of errands on my lunch break. I have no intention of touching that cake. But I wish I hadn't seen it.

Sigh. Hope everyone's week is going well.

Good news - I finally walked with Jenina last night. I'm embarrassed that I'm not faster/better. But Jenina loves me. I know she doesn't mind. Also, I completed my first online course last night. Score!

Also, I bought a dress at lunch. I needed to go pay my Lane Bryant bill so I thought I would check the clearance racks for something impressive to wear tomorrow. Didn't really find anything interview appropriate, but I found a dress that was originally priced $80, marked down to $27.50, and I had a $10 gift card. It's really pretty. It looked great on, but at this point it's too tight for me to sit in. I decided that my goal would be for it to fit on my birthday (in May) and to wear it on a birthday date with my hubs =-)


Marie said...

Well goodness.. Now you're making me jumpy. I'll be praying about your meeting. Just go in and be yourself. Because you are AWESOME! If that VP has half a brain, s/he'll see it a mile away. Love you!

Big Pitt Stop said...

I did not move home. I'm just there a lot. Now that I'mw orking development, I'm in some part of TX atleast 2 weeks out of the month. So, that typically means traveling through Dallas, or being in Dallas. And, I usually just stay at my parents to save money. SO, you are not losing it.

Oh and totally go to Wal-mart at 635 and McArthur. They are one of the "fashion" stores. They carry a different line of clothes from the others and I have gotten a couple suits there recently.