Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What... Am I Leaking?

I just cannot stay full! Tonight I rushed through dinner because I had to be at choir at 7. I was totally full though! But three hours later, when I left choir, I was hungry all over again! Like I hadn't eaten at all!

Brett was hungry too and asked me to pick up something for him on my way home. I've been craving Taco Bell since I picked it up for him a few days ago. Every time I get in my car, I am tempted to drive thru. But if I am craving it to this extent, the extent that I am going to dwell on it until I eat it, then I need to eat it for a meal. I'm NOT going to drive through for a "snack" that would probably add up to a thousand calories and make me feel horrible after the fact. I'm going to go to the restaurant and sit down for a meal! And this weekend would probably be a good time for it, because we will be broke! You don't get much cheaper than Taco Bell!

I'm so ready for the holiday. I got really mad at work today because suddenly my boss said that we were working a half day on Christmas Eve even though it's been on the calendar for TWELVE MONTHS that we are closed that day. It's STILL on the calendar. When was she going to tell me that? She didn't tell me today, I just happened to be in the room when she mentioned to her brother that it was "her bad". Really??? "My bad"? That's all you have to say about stealing my holiday!!!???!!!

I understand that we are busy, but seriously... it's not my fault that this customer waited until the last minute AGAIN to get his catalog ready for the new year. Why should I sacrifice my Christmas? I still have 2.5 unused vacation days, so I am going to talk to my boss tomorrow and make sure that I will NOT be at work on Christmas Eve.

Brett came home angry too. Couple of rough spots in his day. But when I got home from choir, he had used my three hour absence well and was nice and relaxed and sweet. Unfortunately, I haven't really had a chance to unwind though so I seem like a grumpy Gus even though I'm really just tired.

Okay, I am happy to report that the cup of hot tea and serving of Chessmen cookies, that I consumed while typing this post, totally hit the spot. I'm feeling much better, and I didn't go over my daily goal.

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Anonymous said...

I have to work a full day Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. It blows.