Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tentatively Breathing a Sigh of Relief

Well, Tuesday is over and so far this week is going MUCH smoother than last. Well, smooth may not be the word exactly, but I am feeling better.

Yesterday was Brett's mom's birthday. We had her over for dinner and gave her the new special edition Wizard of Oz. (It was on her Christmas list... she asked me to make her a scrapbook for her birthday but that will take some time.) It is SO fun to watch that movie as an adult! I am sure that I have seen it hundreds of times, but beginning to end as an adult, only a few times. It is truly a classic. So funny and so beautiful. Innocent. I love it. Brett made fajitas and his Green Lightning Shrimp. Dinner was fantastic! And I think that his mom enjoyed the evening.

Tonight I went to dinner with my mom at Panera. It was my second time to eat there, and this time was even better than the first! I tried a different soup and sandwich and they were both tasty! Chicken noodle soup and smoked turkey on "country bread". Not sure what "country bread" means, but it was good! I would definitely order it again. After dinner we ran a quick errand so she could help me pick up a birthday present for Brett. I love spending time with my mom. She really is the greatest person I know. So kind, so loving and so fun. I love her giggle. And she is incredibly generous. She helped me out buying a few gifts tonight and it was a MUCH appreciated help!

After that I went to Jennifer's house to hang out. It was all decked out in Christmas bling and it looked BEAUTIFUL! They have two gorgeous trees! And the lights outside looked great! I thought about stealing the little Santa sign that was in the grass in the front yard, but considering that I don't have a yard (we live in an apartment) that would be exceptionally selfish of me.

I love spending time with Jennifer. She's just really easy to be around. And we have so much in common. She's a bit ahead of me in the life department because she's been married a little longer AND she has been a teacher for several years. So wherever I take her to in my ramblings, she's been there! And no matter what I confess, she never judges me. That is probably true for all of my best friends. Well, Jeff is a boy, so... ya know... he doesn't always EXACTLY understand my craziness, but he NEVER judges me.

My life is so full of blessings. Some days I feel so spoiled.

So I started my week with a "can do" attitude. It was immediately tested when, Monday morning, after LOTS of time in the dryer, I pulled my only pair of jeans out and the bottom half of the pant leg was rolled up inside the top half so it was completely soaked. Hello irritating! But I spent the drive to work trying to calm myself down and get into a place of humbleness and gratitude. Last week was dominated by the negativity. I just felt like I couldn't catch a break. But so far, this week feels much more normal. I'm still hungry often, but not starving like I was last week. And work is unpleasant, but we're only one week away from Christmas. Soon I will have a four day weekend and won't have to think about work for a bit.

One day at a time!

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