Monday, December 14, 2009

Just Goes To Show...

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because I haven't had a chance to READ any blogs in way too long.

This weekend is a perfect example of how one bite of the wrong thing can lead you down a long road of bad choices. The pizza that I ate Friday night set me up for a weekend of, not bingeing, but not the best choices. I didn't expect it on Saturday. We ate both lunch and dinner out because we shopped ALL DAY. I made what I felt were good choices but for whatever reason, when we got home, I was really snacky. I snacked on foods that I keep around specifically to be good snacking choices (rice cakes, baked lays and turkey slices... not all at once, throughout the evening) but I snacked too much and definitely past the point of hungry. I was trying to relax, so I kept the open bag of rice cakes next to me while I was reading and every time a bit of reality would try to creep into my mind and interrupt my down time, I would pop one in my mouth and refocus on my book.

Yesterday was again, not a bingeing day. But dinner last night wasn't even an attempt at anything healthy. It was one last comfort food to close the weekend out.

I say this a lot, but that doesn't make it not true: today is a new day. We are celebrating Brett's mom's birthday tonight. I have a couple of events this week and then we are celebrating Christmas with Brett's mom on Saturday before she goes out of town. And then Christmas will be here. Calm down Kim. One day at a time.

I am also seriously going to try to not be so negative on my blog anymore. I'm tired of hearing myself whine! It must be killing you. THANK YOU for your encouraging comments. I appreciate you immensely!

Hope everyone's week starts well!

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Marie said...

If you can't whine on your blog, where can you whine???

And for healthy eating choices, can you help me plan some good New Year's Eve snacks that won't break the calorie bank? I think everyone there will appreciate it.

Love you!