Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thank You Jennifer!

I just read a really encouraging comment from someone. I'm so thankful that I made the decision to talk about my food struggles on this blog. It has ALREADY had an impact on my days. Seriously... it's so easy to feel like the definition of pathetic because I struggle with the same things over and over again, and to someone else, my struggles wouldn't even register. But I am NOT the only person who fights this fight.

Jennifer, the super sweet commenter, said that, like me, she has a desire to be a runner. And this year she ran her first two 5Ks! That's EXACTLY what I've been thinking about! I can't run a marathon, but maybe I can work towards a 5K. I've heard of something called "couch to 5K" and now that someone has reached out to me and told me that it CAN be done, I'm totally going to check it out!

Thank you Jennifer. Your words mean so much to me.


Emily said...

This is the couch to 5k program and you can totally do it! And dont say you cant do a marathon. YOU CAN -- just not now. But you can work up to that just like you will a 5k!

And if you ever want to walk sometime, let me know!

Jennifer said...

Kim, I am a DFW local, too, so if you ever need a 5K buddy, let me know! Seriously, I'm no runner, but I can certainly be a walker with you anytime!!

Keep up the good work! One of the things that helps me is to talk about my struggles, which you would notice on my blog, too. It helps to put it out into the universe! :)


Kelly said...

My Kimmy, I actually have been thinking about getting into doing some 5Ks. Maybe you and I could look into walking one together some time this year. From what I have heard they have tons of them all year long. Would could pick one and just do it.