Friday, December 4, 2009

Dinner Success... and Another Obstacle

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me texts and comments yesterday. Your encouragement and advice was really helpful last night. Thank you especially to Jenn who got my email and prayed immediately. Yesterday was the first day that I wasn't hungry all day. I was hungry when I got home from work though. I had a little snack before I left for Krista's and then at Krista's I had a serving of taco soup (delicious) without any extras and one small dessert bar. TOTALLY worth going over my calories a bit yesterday. Hello Dolly indeed! And this morning I am down 1.2 pounds from yesterday.

I think that I am going to post weekly weigh-ins on Friday mornings. Weekends are always tough for me because I have more freedom with my time. The schedule really helps me during the week. But I think that posting on Fridays will get me into the right mind set for the weekend.

This week was a typical first week on plan. Thank goodness, people usually drop a few pounds when they first switch to WW or whatever plan. I think that is just the extra food leaving your body. haha. On Monday I was at 243.2. This morning the scale said 237.4. If I can make it to Monday still with that number, I will be blessed indeed!

So last night went well. Aside from the food drama, it was a GREAT night of conversation. Jenn couldn't make it =-( She is sick. So we were one diva short. But Jage and Krista were wonderful as always! I sure love those ladies. Krista lives in Wylie but it's a pretty easy drive. I think I was on a total of 6 streets between here and there. Nice! I was home by 10:35 and in bed by 11:30.

Tonight Brett's mom is taking us to Saltgrass Steakhouse. I already know what I am going to order. It is definitely going to push my numbers a little high, but it's a pretty healthy option and I am going to try my best to stop eating when I am full. I'm not really a steak person and most of their chicken dishes are so tricked up that the stats aren't great, but they offer grilled pork chops that are really tasty. I won't feel deprived and hopefully I won't draw any attention from Brett's mom who always comments when I order chicken at steak places.

I hope that everyone has a great Friday! I am praying that this weekend we manage our money well, we encounter some good friends, we get some much needed rest, we make good food choices and we honor God in the process.

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