Friday, December 4, 2009

"Like 5 Peanut Butter M&Ms"

Gold star to anyone who can tell me what movie my title is quoting. Love that movie!

I crave sweets. I crave all kinds of things, but I love sweets. I wasn't a dessert person growing up (sweets for snacks, that's another story - but we didn't eat dessert after every meal in my family) but that changed in college thanks to the campus cafeteria. Um, hello? You really expect me to walk past the soft serve machine on my way out of the cafeteria and not grab a cone? Everyone did it! And after 4 years of doing it, I got used to finishing my meal with something sweet. I never got over that. It doesn't matter what I've eaten or how full I am, I have to have a little something sweet before I feel "done" eating.

Weight Watchers taught me how to manage that habit. Sweets don't have to kill your eating plan. In fact, they can be a perfectly acceptable part of your eating plan! You just have to make your choices without sacrificing your goals.

How do I do that? One word. Pudding.

Jell-o Sugar Free Dark Chocolate pudding to be exact. It is SO tasty! The perfect 60 calorie creamy ending to my weekday lunch.

Unfortunately I ran out of them yesterday. And since we bought food for this week only, I didn't have any other sweet option that I could bring to work. This morning as I was packing my lunch I told myself not to panic. Maybe my lunch would fill me up and I wouldn't even notice. Or maybe gum would do the trick.

Yeah. That didn't happen.

As some of you may remember, we have two quarter candy machines in the office. They are currently filled with Skittles and, my personal favorite, Peanut M&Ms. Every now and then I crave Skittles, but 99% of the time, it's no contest. I'm an M&M girl. Thankfully, a quarter only gives you 6 Peanut M&Ms.

Thank goodness I only had 1 quarter.

p.s. Thank goodness I proofread before hitting "publish post" because I wrote that my lunch would "feel me up". I meant fill me up. Still laughing.


Anonymous said...

Lunch better keep its feelers to itself...


Kelly said...