Saturday, December 5, 2009

So... About Saltgrass

I did much better yesterday in the "freak out before hand" category than I did Thursday. On Thursday I was nervous because I didn't know exactly what I would be eating. But going to a restaurant? I can totally look up stats before I even walk through the door!

Actually, Saltgrass is one of the restaurants that has STILL not posted nutrition information on their food. What's up with that? Get in the game Saltgrass!!! But they do have their menu posted online, so with a little help from CalorieKing, I had estimates written down for my entire meal.

Only catch? Saltgrass has changed their menu. A LOT! The "grilled pork chops" are no longer two 8 ozish top cut lean pork chops, it is a HUGE center cut (much fattier) double pork chop. The rice is different too, but I stuck with the stats I had written down previously because I don't really know what the difference is. But I didn't panic. I skipped the bread and appetizer like I had planned and just ate my Caesar salad with the dressing on the side. I'm not much of a cheese person, and lettuce is DEFINITELY not one of the few food items that I don't mind cheese on, so I scrapped the cheese off to the side when my salad came. I used the WW method of dipping my fork into the dressing before putting salad on my fork so I get just a tiny bit of dressing flavor without it being all over the lettuce. I didn't even use a teaspoon of the dressing they brought me, and it was still delicious! I did however eat most of the croutons. I hadn't committed beforehand to skip those like I had the bread and appetizer. I decided to decide when I got there. And they were worth the "YES"!

I stopped eating the pork chop halfway through. I was trying to estimate 8 ozs. But I went back to CalorieKing this morning and looked up the info for center cut. TWICE what I had looked up previously! I also only ate half of the rice. I brought home the leftovers, but I am planning to let Brett eat them. It was tasty, but if I am going to indulge, give me ice cream, people!!! ICE CREAM!

(Speaking of ice cream made me remember that a frozen yogurt shop just opened two minutes from me! And I got a coupon in the mail yesterday!!! Guess where I am going today! I'll let you know how it goes =-)

After dinner we stopped at Panera for Brett's mom to grab something for breakfast this morning. I had a hot chai and it was delicious. What I got was not what I was expecting, but it was till delicious.

Okay, that's pretty much all that I had to say. I wanted to let you know that Saltgrass went well (down on the scale this morning even though I was over my goal yesterday) and wish you a happy Saturday!

We are putting up our tree today and grocery shopping. Double WOOHOO!!!

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