Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nervous... A Potential Fail

Okay so. Tonight is my monthly Dining with Divas. It's at Krista's house tonight. She is making taco soup, which I love.

I can do this. Right?

I'm nervous that I will eat too much. I'm nervous because it's food that I am not preparing so I don't know the exact stats to journal. And I'm nervous because my breakfast, lunch and snacks today are the exact same as I had yesterday (because that's all that I have right now) and yesterday I was hungry.

But I CAN do this. I want to see my Divas. They are so important to me. And I don't want these monthly events to be something that I dread in ANY way to ANY to degree! This is life. Like Jamie says, embracing balance! I CAN do this. Not everything that I eat for the rest of my life will be a) super healthy and b) in my control. So let's focus on what I CAN control. I can control how much I eat. I can remind myself that this is not the last thing that I will ever eat, so there is no need to stuff myself! AND, I can drink a bottle of water on my way there.

I also think that I am going to send an email to Jenn today (who will be there tonight) and tell her about my concerns. I think that if I say it to someone who will be there, I will be more likely to control my portions.



Tricia said...

YOU can do it! Just go in with a plan.

Marie said...

Yep, you'll be just fine. Make sure not to let your food concerns override the purpose of the night.. being with friends is the true icing on the cake of life.. and you don't have to count those calories! :)