Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One Nice Thing

Well, I didn't get to take a picture but I did get to do something nice for Brett this morning. I put a little love note in his breakfast this morning. I wrote it on his napkin. He hasn't mentioned it, so he may not have even noticed it, but hey, I tried!

Brett went home sick today. He was only at work an hour or so before they told him to go home. Sore throat. We are the exact opposites when we are sick! When I don't feel good I just want to be left alone, but Brett hates being alone when he doesn't feel good. I took him soup at lunch but I only got to stay ten minutes or so. I hope he is feeling better!

Nice thing number 2 will be picking up cinnamon mints on the way home from work. He hates cough drops but the mints feel good on his throat.

We have been married 7 months today. 7 months ago right now I was arriving at my grandmother's house to get into my dress. Wow.

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Kriss said...

Hope you have a fantastic week Kim! -kriss