Friday, October 30, 2009

Kelly's Shower

It's been two weeks since Kel's shower. Yes I've been a horrible blogger lately. But I'm going to mention it anyway because I had a lot of fun!

I love Kelly. As long as I have known her she has wanted a baby, and I am so happy that she is about to have one!!! Her little boy, Emmett, will be little brother to the amazing Alexis, Kelly's daughter, and I'm sure he will be the first in a long line of babies in the Price household. Kelly is a baby lover. That's just how it is. No matter how many children she has, I can't imagine her not wanting a baby around!

Confession: I never look forward to baby showers. Honestly, showers in general... I don't know what it is! I just never expect to have fun! Maybe it's because of the too many people who don't know each other factor. Always having to fill the silence and be interested in digging out details of someone's life who I have never even met before... It's just tiring. Or maybe because they are kind of all the same... I dunno.

But thankfully, for a lot of little reasons, I really enjoyed myself at Kelly's shower. It was small and intimate and FUN! First of all, I was one of the hostesses, and the other girls who were hosting are sweet ladies who I don't get to see as often as I would like to. Nicole tells the BEST stories about her daughter, Jordan. And Allison is also pregnant, so I have a never ending flow of questions for her, and she is so witty, it's ALWAYS going to be an entertaining conversation! And Jennifer recently started dating someone and he seems PERFECT for her, so I want to hear all about it! Denise, I don't know as well now, but once upon a time, in high school, we were actually really good friends. So it's nice to catch up with oldies. So the setup beforehand was really fun.

When people started to arrive I was a little disappointed because it was a small turn out. But that ended up being a good thing because it was a great mix of people, and Kelly still got a decent amount of gifts!

The party really got started when we played Mad Libs. Jennifer had us all do a Mad Libs together while we were snacking and when she read it, oh my goodness! I thought the pregos in the room were going to wet themselves! We were all dying laughing! It was brilliant!

I was in charge of decorations and everyone thought they were cute. Allison got an ADORABLE cake. The games were ALL fun. And Kelly seemed to enjoy herself. So it was just an all around good time! I am posting a pic of the group of hostesses (what was with my hair??? It must have been a windy day! I don't remember now) and then one of me with Kel and one of me with Alexis.

Good times =-)

Adorable cake!

Me & Kel

Me & Lex

Me, Jennifer,
Allison, Denise
& Nicole


Anonymous said...

The shower sounded like a lot of fun! I have yet to go to a baby shower - all my friends with babies have been in different provinces/countries come shower time.

Marie said...

That sounds like a great shower! I think I like attending the smaller ones better because then there's time to chat with everyone and it always seems more personal, instead of the big gift grab. Cute cake and great decorations!

Leslie said...

Holy crap! I'm a horrible friend!

I totally missed out. I don't even remember if the invite was an evite or on facebook or whatever. Gah! Friendship fail. :-(