Friday, October 30, 2009

A Door To Narnia

I have been wanting to post about this for over a month! It's 3:00 on Friday and I'm pretty sure that no one else here is going to find motivation to work anymore (John, the guy next to me, stopped working hours ago!) so I'm going to FINALLY tell you this exciting news!

I think I found a door to Narnia.

It's the only explanation I can think of. I've mentioned the giraffes, haven't I? It was a few months ago... driving home I drove past the most random installation going up I had ever seen. It's on top of a platform that is a story high. They were installing giraffes! Two adults and four babies. Here is a picture of them. I apologize for the blurriness. I was driving past them.

The thing is, the giraffes are just by themselves. They are next to some storage buildings but they are completely unrelated to those buildings! What the heck?!? There is a sign next to them that says "Grand Opening" but it just points to an empty field! I have just been perplexed by this! Why would someone put a grand opening sign up before a building is even built? And what type of business would have 6 GIANT giraffes up in the air? In the ghetto, no less!


One day, about 6 weeks ago, when I was driving home, there were three cars on the dirt road in between the storage buildings and the grand opening sign, like they were coming from somewhere. WHERE??? What is behind those storage buildings? And what does it have to do with giraffes??? And then it hit me. Oh my goodness. It's a door to Narnia! These three drivers, sharing my perplexity, decided to put their curiosity to rest and turn at the giant arrow pointing to nothing to go explore the land behind the storage buildings. What if they found Narnia?!! I mean, I don't know why a door to Narnia would be behind some old storage buildings in South Central Dallas, but what else could it be?

Now every morning when I drive past the giraffes I consider turning in to see for myself. I'm always running late, so I never do turn in. But I think about it every day!


tashintraining said...

Okay, you totally have to check it out! Send us a postcard from Narnia! Love it!

Kriss said...

I agree CHECK IT OUT!!! I love Naria, just watch out for that witch. LOL!

Marie said...

Hahahaha! Awesome post. i want to go to Narnia and I'm going to be upset if I have to go to a Dallas ghetto to get there. :)