Monday, October 19, 2009


Today I am daydreaming about dates with Brett. I was driving in my car on Saturday and was just overwhelmed by my love for Brett. I am so in love with my husband. I wish that I DID more for him. He thinks that I do a lot for him because I cook and clean and those are things that he can see put into action every day. But I like to cook. And the cleaning that I do... I mean, I'm no relation to Mr. Clean. I do dishes and laundry and "tidy up" because those are easy for me. But I haven't vacuumed in over a month! I talk about it all the time. But I haven't. (Maybe tonight! hehe).

But I wish I did things that weren't easy! I want to go out of my way to do something nice for him. I feel like I have a love that could move mountains! So why doesn't it move me to action more often? Money is no excuse. We have $43 in the account til Friday and that has to buy lunches for Brett this week, so I can't go pick up a treat at the store or surprise him with dinner at a fun restaurant. It's just not an option this week. BUT, I'm crankin' out hand made Christmas cards like they're going out of style! So why haven't I made a card for Brett yet? I can do nice things for less than $5. I should leave him love notes. Or draw him pictures. I don't know. Something!

That is my goal this week. To do three nice things for Brett that I haven't done before. I have 2 ideas for sure and I am contemplating another. I will take pics and show you what I do!

But for now I will spend my day imagining that we are not at work, but out window shopping or seeing a movie or taking a walk. That's what I would rather be doing right now. We had a restful weekend, and I don't feel one ounce of guilt about it because we NEEDED rest! Brett took long naps on Saturday and Sunday and it made it difficult for him to sleep last night, but I don't regret not waking him up because his body needed that rest! But this week I want to make a memory of us DOING something. Not resting. Doing =-)

Okay, back to work!

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