Friday, October 16, 2009

A New Kind of Cookie Monster?

What is the deal? I used to make cookies all the time! This morning is the second time that I've attempted to make cookies in this apartment, and it just didn't work out. Not sure what's going on there.

I am one of the hostesses at the baby shower for my sweet friend Kelly tomorrow. I am in charge of decorations and favors. Looks like we're going to have a change of plan for the favors! The cookies didn't work out. Great. I have some thinking to do!

I can't really complain though. If ruined cookies is the worst thing that happens in a week, I don't really have much to say, do I? In fact, I had the added benefit of a spoonful of cookie dough pre cookie disaster, so I should be happy about it!

This has been a better week. It was a good week at work for Brett, and that makes it a good week at home. I've been extremely tired from a few too many slightly late nights, not to mention this is the time of the month where I am just going to be a little tired. (I didn't want to say "I'm on my period" in case a guy is reading.)

This weekend is not going to bring much rest, but we will spending time with Brett's mom tonight and I will get to celebrate a new life that is coming into the world tomorrow AND we will be back at church on Sunday after a weekend out of town. Good things are to come =-) I just have to remind my attitude of that fact!

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Marie said...

What happened with the cookies?? cook too fast, too slowly, unevenly? What else can go wrong with cookies? I'm not sure, but I might be able to help, since i have the Home of Unreliable Appliances. :)