Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ten Year Reunion

Well, it's over. And I have to say... it wasn't bad. In fact, I think that our class officers did a great job planning and running the event. To tell you the truth, I didn't really see anyone helping our class President... he seemed to have a LOT to do. But I'm sure there were other people who worked on it also and deserve some props, so there you go. Props to you.

I only took a few pictures, none of them fancy, and... don't judge me... I'm pretty sure we were the first to leave both nights. Not because we weren't enjoying the events! But Friday ended up being kind of a tough day at work for Brett and it came at the end of what seemed like an exceptionally long week for both of us. We both had a couple of nights where we didn't sleep very well and by Friday night, we were really feeling it! It was so sweet of Brett to come with me, and he didn't complain at all in the weeks leading up to the reunion. But honestly, he and I both occasionally suffer from a bit of social anxiety, and it's hard for him to be in a crowd for too long. He was a real champ this weekend and I love him more and more for the sacrifices that he makes for me =-)

Friday night was a tailgate party followed by the football game. We tailgated, but did not game. We got there right at 6 when it started and it was really great! First of all, the weather was perfect. Nice and cool, and though you could tell it had been raining (the chairs sunk into the grass a bit when you sat for too long) it wasn't muddy or uncomfortable. Spring Creek catered, yumm, there was a good turn out, yeah, and teachers were invited, which was really neat! I got to talk to my best science teacher of all time, Mrs. Jordan and one of my top five teachers period, Mrs. Winters (the former Ms. Marcellus). It was really great. We spent a lot of time talking to Daniel and Nicole who had brought there GORGEOUS daughter, Jordan, and even though it's only been six months since we saw them, it was really nice to catch up.

I said hello to a lot of old friends but there were a lot of people that I didn't make it around to. Honestly... there are people that you grow apart from after high school, but there are some that grow apart from IN high school. It's great to catch up with people that you lost in the college years, but on Friday night, it was mostly the others for me. People that I knew, but wasn't exactly friends with in high school. I think that everyone felt a little nervous and awkward. We stayed until we were done, and then we left. It was 8:00 and the game was about to start, so it was an okay time to leave.

Saturday, I had a lot of fun. It was a fajita dinner at Mattito's in Dallas. We sat with Daniel and Nicole again but we all mingled quite a bit. There were AT LEAST 100 people there which made the room VERY loud and for whatever reason, I was much more comfortable in that setting. I think because it was crowded, I felt like if I wasn't talking to someone every single second, it was less likely that someone would notice and think "what's wrong with her?", ya know?. It was so good to see so many friendly faces. I said hello to a few that I missed on Friday, but still didn't make it around to everyone. The best part was seeing Kim. Kim is one of my oldest friends. I have known her my entire life. She is the reason people call me Kimmy. We were best friends and had the same name, so to make it easier on people, in the fourth grade she started going by Kimbo and I started going by Kimmy. I haven't seen her is ten years, and it warmed my heart to see her sweet smile. She is so vibrant!

I am really glad that we went.

A few people I wish had been there: Jenina, Jeff T, Ele P., Dustin G., Jalyn B., Rena J., Mr. Glenn and Mr. Rushing. That would have totally changed my experience. To have more of "my people" there.

Overall, two thumbs up! Thank you for your hard work Jeff. It was great!


Me & Ruthie
Also one of
my oldest
I should have
had a pic of
she, Kim and I,
because we were
a threesome!
But it didn't
work out...

Me & Kim.
Isn't she

Mr. President
Me & Jeff


Lee, Kasey, and Jameson said...

I'm so glad you survived and had a little fun! It would be awesome to see Mr. Glenn!

Kriss said...

I think you look great, glad you had fun! -kriss